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    The end of the party

    Turns out I am an introvert. 

    I like staying home, and there’s nothing like a little self-quarantine to get that spring cleaning started. I’ve been busy: clearing out drawers and closets, sorting through old photographs and papers, binge watching classics like Knight Rider. Best of all,read more →

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    Ps&Qs: Trump makes me want to pursue dual citizenship

    My maternal grandmother was Canadian and lately I find myself contemplating about the bureaucratic process to obtain dual citizenship, along with the cost of gear needed to survive a Canadian winter.

    If it really comes down to fight or flight, I may just flee. Because Iread more →

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    Ps&Qs: A crisis in the stars

    My horoscope said I may be experiencing an “existential crisis” this week. Nailed it. Luckily, it’s not a permanent condition, and according to the stars, should clear up by the weekend…

    After a natural disaster we often see people who have just lost everything wandering aroundread more →

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    Change your perspective, change your life

    In the words of John Hughes, master movie maker, “Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

    A wise man recently reminded me that my life is like a movie, and it’s up to me toread more →

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    More than the world, she was the sun we three planets orbited

    In 1979, Mom packed me and my two little sisters in her old Datsun and we hit the road. With pit stops, it took us two days to drive from Woody Creek to Denver, and we camped for the night on Independence Pass.

    We were aread more →

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    Enough war for a lifetime

    I’ve had enough. I’m sick and tired of having to pony up more money to support things like libraries, schools, libraries in schools… I pay taxes and that is where I want the money to go, not to the military industrial complex.

    “Today in Capitalism” byread more →

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    Ps&Qs: You can afford to share the pie

    These days people say to me, “It’s too bad you can’t write about the president anymore, what with the political climate being so volatile.”

    While it is my dream to be the Ann Coulter of the Left, the truth is, it isn’t the volatile political climate that keeps… read more →

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    Ps&QS: Middle-aged rash guard

    I had a rash on my arms and legs that lasted for months.

    At first, I thought it was a reaction to the president; my body physically rejecting the idiocracy. But I started to notice a correlation to food. Just the base of the foodread more →

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    Ps & Qs: Close to the bone

    I like to live close to the bone— or as my cousin says, “suck the marrow outta that shit!”

    I have a very real aversion to becoming plastic; both in the figurative sense of being disingenuous, and in the literal sense of ingesting plastic more →

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    Using selfies to defeat blind patriotism

    “A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.” -Edward Abbey

    Aah, the Fourth of July: independence, freedom, hamburgers, hot dogs, flags waving over children separated from their parents and kept in cages.

    What is happening right now in this country is hard… read more →