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    CRMS summer program helps underserved kids realize the college dream

    Tucked out of sight of the more visited parts of Carbondale is the lush, meticulously maintained campus of the Colorado Rocky Mountain School. One might suspect that it lies dormant during the summer months, awaiting the turning of the leaves, but that is hardly the case. In fact,read more →

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    Carbondale leads county for 2018 DUI citations

    With the summer festivities and cool mountain nights comes a stern reminder from the Carbondale Police Department to stay safe and refrain from driving while intoxicated.

    The reminder is especially salient here, because Carbondale sees a relatively high rate of DUI citations compared to neighboringread more →

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    Roaring Fork Housing Authority sought to increase affordability

    A group of forward-thinking citizens is in the early stages of creating a potential Multi-jurisdictional Housing Authority (MJHA) for the Roaring Fork Valley to address issues related to affordable housing. An MJHA is different from a county or city housing authority because it can reach across various governmentsread more →

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    GlenX awards cash prize to business startup finalist

    Carbondale is revered as an unparalleled jumping off point for adventure and recreation, but “business incubator” is probably not a descriptor most would associate with the outdoorsy mountain town. Local forward-thinking nonprofit GlenX is looking to change that by encouraging valley entrepreneurs. Last week, the organization awarded $10,000read more →

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    Redstone Castle advances to commissioners

    The Pitkin County Planning and Zoning Commission voted last week to recommend to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) the approval for an amendment to the land use code to create the Village Lodge Preservation (VLP) Zone District and establish a lodge/hotel use, special event use, and allowread more →