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    Outdoor experts agree, risk management is key

    By now we know that recreating outside positively affects one’s cognitive, mental, physical and emotional well-being; and that a few hours a week can completely change one’s mood for the better.

    So, it might not come as a shock that after this past year Colorado Parks and Wildlife reported a… read more →

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    High Risk at High Altitude sheds light on mental wellness

    In a valley prone to mental health crisis and high suicide rates, newly appointed Aspen Public Radio (APR) news director Ariel Van Cleave has arrived with a fresh take on mental health support.

    Growing up in rural Illinois, Van Cleave was aware of the increased risks… read more →

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    Bringing winter sunshine

    By Kate Phillips
    Sopris Sun Correspondent

    The season of frigid mornings, cozy fires, and warm blankets is finally upon us; and with the dark days of winter settling in, it might be time to add a little cheer to your home with some sweet and delicious citrus courtesy of… read more →

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    CRMS students bond over philanthropic endeavor

    As a school that prides itself on community and experiential learning, the 2020/21 school year has been quite the learning curve for Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS).

    “There are more restrictions because of covid precautions,” Julie Wiley, Assistant Director of Admissions at CRMS said. “Our boarding… read more →

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    Nonprofit helps donors choose education

    It is no secret that public education across the nation is woefully underfunded. Throw in a pandemic and things start to look worrisome.

    This school year, as a result of the pandemic, districts across the state experienced a sudden $577 million dollars in reducations, according toread more →

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    Our Town: Andy Hackbarth finds his melody in Saguache

    Andy Hackbarth is a Carbondale native who recently bought a historic hotel in Saguache, which he and his father are renovating in hopes of a mid-2021 opening — visit for more.

    Q: You have such an extensive music background. Care to share a little bit?

    read more →

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    Our Town: A delicate dance between arts and science

    The Sopris Sun is conducting a series of interviews with folks you may not have seen in the paper before – a sort of introduction to your neighbors. This week we caught up with Leila Milanfar, a current ArtistYear fellow at Carbondale Middle School who is also currentlyread more →

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    Stepping Stones embarks on capital campaign

    It’s not hard to convince someone to grab a post workout burrito or to catch up over coffee in this town, but did you know that this month your burritos and lattes will do a lot more than fill your social calendars?

    Throughout the month ofread more →

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    Navigating the peaks and valleys with Rocky Mountain Kid C.L.U.B.S.

    Think back to the last time you tried to pry a meaningful conversation from an adolescent. Painful to recall, right?

    Well, at Rocky Mountain Kid C.L.U.B.S. (RMKC) adolescents willingly participate in meaningful conversations, and eloquently articulate their feelings to overcome the more challenging aspects of growingread more →

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    Backcountry travel in pandemic times

    The rivers are up, the wildflowers are blooming, and the hummingbirds are zipping by, which can only mean one thing: backcountry season is finally here!

    Before trekking off into the great unknown, perhaps now would be the time to brush up on those backcountry skills toread more →