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    Just Mutt: Affirmation and denial

    No, I don’t believe in myself.  No, this isn’t a democracy. No, Trump is not a dictator; dictators don’t have to run for re-election or contend with a hostile press. 

    No, God doesn’t depend on me. Yes, I depend on him. I believe in God theread more →

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    Mutt & Jeff: The logic of phobe

    A reasonable person is able and willing to reason. Such a person is respectful of logic, not suspicious of it, and is willing to follow the argument wherever it leads.

    This requires a certain amount of humility, an acknowledgment that one could be wrong. Such a… read more →

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    Mutt & Jeff: Dogs on the beltline and other Christmas stories

    Bob Cook told me this story years ago, so hats off to him. He was working graveyard shift in the coal mine. It was Christmas Eve. The superintendent told the crew, “Look, you guys come in and work half a shift and then you can go home.” Soread more →

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    Mutt & Jeff: Things that are hidden

    When the curtain rises, all is hushed. The conductor lifts his arms, signals to the orchestra, and the symphony begins.

    He is in control of the ebb and flow of tempo, of heightened tensions and frenzied crescendos, until audience and orchestra arrive safely at theread more →

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    Mutt & Jeff: Metafizzle moments

    Back in the ‘60s, I lived on a cramped back porch on The Hill in Boulder.

    Two mattresses were jammed side by side — one for my high school buddy, Milo, and one for me. At the end of the mattresses was a hotplate toread more →

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    Mutt & Jeff: Memories of the Bastille

    At the entrance to Eldorado Canyon stands a rock tower, the Bastille, named after the gloomy prison stormed during the French Revolution.

    It is 350 feet high, dark and bulky, yet stately, like its namesake. It rises crisp and vertical, an emphatic statement in rust-redread more →

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    Mutt & Jeff: It’s like…

    Ask my students — I’m a stickler when it comes to using the word “like.”

    Generally, it’s prohibited in my classroom. At least when it’s meant to stand for veritably — in other words, as an intensifier. If a person wants to intensify a statement, it doesn’t help… read more →

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    Mutt & Jeff: Double entry

    I’m a columnist, not a communist.

    I believe it’s a good idea to divide a sheet of paper by a vertical line, creating two columns, a device making honest comparisons possible. By this simple means, one can tally shared characteristics as well as identify whereread more →

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    Apples of the Earth

    Ah, Potato Day! There’s something in the spud to think about.

    Fred Geis used to play a tune on the radio: “You’re My Little Potato.” Fred, a fellow poet, wrote a poem extolling Anne Holden, who always wore her hair pulled up in a more →

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    Mutt & Jeff: Remembering Dick Sparks and Milo

    This morning we bicycled past a handsome old cabin in Carbondale festooned with an American flag.

    It reminded me of a “cabin” in Boulder — a dilapidated garage, really — where my friend Dick Sparks used to live. He was a music fanatic who ownedread more →