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    Clay Center hosts limited-edition ‘Settings’

    You know you’re entering a creative zone the moment you enter the Carbondale Clay Center. There is an aura of creativity that emanates from the building. 

    This visitor eagerly approached, hoping to learn more about the organization’s upcoming fund-raising auction. In years past, the Clay Center’sread more →

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    ArtWay plans progress

    The Youth Art Park is the final park in the master plan for the Rio Grande Trail ArtWay that runs through Carbondale, and Amy Kimberly, the Executive Director of Carbondale Arts, is driving the creation of the park. 

    Kimberly said, “We had committed to doing threeread more →

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    ‘We are local and so is your food’

    Eber Silva, Nicolas Rojas, and Eduardo Meraz have known each other since they were kids. Eber Silva remembers Rojas (“Nico”) and Meraz (“Eddy”) from when he was 10 years old. All three grew up and attended school together in Carbondale. 

    Now they have “teamed up” toread more →

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    Comedy — a medicine for melancholy?

    Everyone has heard the phrase “Laughter is the best medicine,” but few realize that this simple observation dates back thousands of years, and during these seriously challenging times, we would do well to add an occasional dose of humor to our lives. 

    You may be surprisedread more →

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    Autumn travel may present challenges

    Traveling in the mountains has always presented challenges, and this autumn season will be no different on Colorado’s Western Slope. 

    The best a traveler can do is plan ahead in the hope of avoiding delays, closures, cancellations, and natural disasters. With that in mind, here’s aread more →

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    A tale of COVID and clay

    According to Angela Bruno, Carbondale Clay Center’s Executive Director, “Things are going well,” and considering the impact that COVID-19 has had on businesses and educational entities in Carbondale, that’s remarkable.

    Carbondale Clay Center is in its 23rd year of existence, and Brunoread more →

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    On the path to elevated senior living

    Anyone that has recently walked or ridden their bicycle on the Rio Grande Trail between Second and Fourth streets has seen it: A dusty lot on the North side of the trail is sprouting two large buildings that are scheduled to be completed prior to the end ofread more →

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    Our Town: Jared Ettelson

    The Sopris Sun is conducting a series of interviews with folks you may not have seen in the paper before – a sort of introduction to your neighbors. This week we caught up with Jared Ettelson, General Manager & Co-owner of The Village Smithy. He holds your dining-fateread more →

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    A thousand points of light, Carbondale-style

    In 1988, George H.W. Bush likened America’s clubs and volunteer organizations to “a thousand points of light.” The Roaring Fork Valley continues to benefit from the activities of such organizations, as well as many 501(c)3 non-profit organizations that exist in the immediate area. In combination, they strengthen andread more →

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    A self-guided tour of dance

    Update: The Konverjdans residency has been canceled, but the rest of the event appears on track.

    Megan Janssen describes her education as a strange, winding path that includes an Associate’s Degree in Architecture, certificates in sustainable design, and a Bachelor’s Degree in creative writing from Southern Oregon Universityread more →