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    It all started with The Denver & Rio Grande Railroad

    When this reporter first arrived in Carbondale, the trains transporting Mid-Continent coal were still active, and automobile drivers would often have to sit in their idling cars for several minutes, waiting for a train to clear the crossing. But that minor inconvenience was destined to disappear.
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    Dólares, Presupuestos y Amigues de Cuatro Patas

    Publicado originalmente en inglés el 28 de enero, 2021  

    Traducción por Jacquelinne Castro

    De acuerdo con Wes Boyd, director ejecutivo de C.A.R.E. (Rescate de animales de Colorado), su albergue de animales está operando normal a pesar de la reciente eliminación… read more →

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    Dollars, budgets and four-legged friends

    According to Wes Boyd, Executive Director of C.A.R.E. (Colorado Animal Rescue), their animal shelter is operating as normal despite the recent elimination of the Garfield County Sheriff’s animal control program. The loss of funding for animal control from the county sheriff means that there will no longer be… read more →

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    A stroll in Sopris Park

    Eric Brendlinger, Carbondale’s Director of Parks and Recreation, reports that Carbondale now has a total of 26 parks. Some are large and some are small, but Carbondale’s 3.9-acre Sopris Park is generally regarded as the crown jewel by virtue of both its location and the numerous community events… read more →

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    Our Town: Geekspeak co-host is here to help

    Matt McBrayer is the owner, and the sole technician at Roaring Fork Help Desk, Inc., which he established on March 14th (a.k.a.“Pi Day”) , 2015. The business motto is “Your End-to-End Technology Experts,” and based on Matt’s description of his day-to-day workread more →

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    New ways of doing things in the arts

    I have been fortunate enough to perform music in the Roaring Fork Valley for close to 30 years, and there have always been private parties, community celebrations, and nightclubs that have provided entertainment for their guests. However, things have changed. 

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    Clay Center hosts limited-edition ‘Settings’

    You know you’re entering a creative zone the moment you enter the Carbondale Clay Center. There is an aura of creativity that emanates from the building. 

    This visitor eagerly approached, hoping to learn more about the organization’s upcoming fund-raising auction. In years past, the Clay Center’sread more →

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    ArtWay plans progress

    The Youth Art Park is the final park in the master plan for the Rio Grande Trail ArtWay that runs through Carbondale, and Amy Kimberly, the Executive Director of Carbondale Arts, is driving the creation of the park. 

    Kimberly said, “We had committed to doing threeread more →

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    ‘We are local and so is your food’

    Eber Silva, Nicolas Rojas, and Eduardo Meraz have known each other since they were kids. Eber Silva remembers Rojas (“Nico”) and Meraz (“Eddy”) from when he was 10 years old. All three grew up and attended school together in Carbondale. 

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    Comedy — a medicine for melancholy?

    Everyone has heard the phrase “Laughter is the best medicine,” but few realize that this simple observation dates back thousands of years, and during these seriously challenging times, we would do well to add an occasional dose of humor to our lives. 

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