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    CHSAA mulls quidditch league

    The Colorado High School Activities Association is quietly polling school districts about the possibility of adding the magical sport quidditch to its offerings beginning next school year.

    The idea has been circulating for several years and gained traction during the pandemic, according to an email that went out to athletic… read more →

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    Welcoming a new dawn

    The months since I announced my departure from the paper remind me of graduating high school, with everyone asking what’s next. It’s gratifying that so many people assumed that only something bigger and better could drag me away from The Sun. 

    But it’s really more likeread more →

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    The show must go on

    Social distancing hit just in time to postpone (and ultimately cancel) the Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza. At the time, it seemed safe to schedule events for autumn, and 5Point opted to change the date as well. But as it became clear that restrictions would be with us… read more →

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    Business as unusual

    Ever-changing regulations have left shops, restaurants and other services scrambling. Some, like Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli, just pulled up stakes, while the Pour House has opted to just close for the duration. Among the rest, here are a few that stood out in their attempts to keep the door’s open, if… read more →

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    Year in review 2020 — a year apart

    Although it started before and will continue after, COVID-19 has defined 2020. The relative normalcy of January and February feels distant and alien now, and events that would once have defined the year — such as the Grizzly Creek Fire — seem almost like footnotes.
    The virus… read more →

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    Introducing our next editor

    You’d be hard-pressed to find someone better equipped to share the community’s many stories than Raleigh Burleigh. The 27-year-old Carbondale-native, bilingual world traveler and former KDNK news director takes over as editor of The Sopris Sun at the end of the year.

    Burleigh’s roots in theread more →

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    County corona cases crest

    County corona cases crest

    The spectre of COVID-19 hung heavy over the Garfield County Commissioners’ meeting after the Coroner’s Office determined that COVID-19 complications claimed the lives of at least five more residents. The loss of three people in their early 60s, a man in his… read more →

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    Town tweaks liquor distancing rules

    The Town will now allow restaurant liquor licenses — but not liquor stores — within 500 feet of school property.

    The Dec. 8 trustee decision was a bit of a departure from the staff proposal to tackle issues with the City Market complex’s proximity to a Colorado Rocky Mountain School… read more →

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    Health Allegiance Trae una nueva opción de aseguranza

    Traducido por Rocio Contreras

    Antes de que su plan se aseguranza se renueve automáticamente al final del mes, vale la pena ver unas nuevas opciones. Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP), está ofreciendo cobertura para compatir con Anthem Blue Cross Shield.  Es un desarrollo que Valley Healthread more →