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    Local designer, continental craftsman come together at 5028

    Where’d I get these limited-edition Iberian leather shoes? Right here in Carbondale, of course.

    Or, at least, from the 5028 “warehouse” in Angilina and Mike Taylor’s garage just up the road. The fledgling shoe company just debuted another run, and you might have seen them outread more →

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    Sale pending for RVR golf course

    The River Valley Ranch golf course is expected to change hands this week, with a closing slated for Nov. 15.

    Everything appeared on track as of press time, according to David Myler, an attorney who has worked with both Dale Rand — principal of RVR Golfread more →

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    Board split on CoVenture proposal

    While Carbondale Trustees are open to a partnership with GlenX — just rebranded as CoVenture as the organization works toward expanding into a new space on Main Street — they weren’t quite ready to commit $25,000 to the cause on Nov. 13.

    The issue evenly dividedread more →

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    Student art pops next to famous originals

    As a New Yorker, Sonya Taylor Moore grew up with culture in her backyard, but she was surprised and pleased to find it in Carbondale when it came time to teach her students at Ross Montessori a lesson on pop art.

    The Powers Art Center, locatedread more →

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    ‘The Spanish Flu will get you if you don’t watch out’

    As talented as humans are at destruction, Mother Nature has us beat.

    On Nov. 11, 1918, the world celebrated the end of the War to End All Wars, blissfully oblivious of the century of even greater bloodshed that awaited them. And as civilians flooded into theread more →

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    Local voters give warm reception to tax measures

    If preliminary election results are any guide, folks in the Roaring Fork Valley are willing to pay a bit more for sustainable services.

    Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District appears to have successfully increased its mill levy in perpetuity and been granted a new bond,read more →

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    Lee Ann Eustis stepping back, but not aside

    After more than half a century of contributions to Carbondale, Lee Ann Eustis is ready for fresher minds to take the wheel. Luckily, she’s not going anywhere — as your friends would tell you, she’d be impossible to replace.

    “Everything she addresses, she does itread more →

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    Letters: PitCo 1A

    Healthy Community Fund makes a difference
    Dear Editor:
    I am writing to express my support for Question 1A to renew the Healthy Community Fund, and illustrate the value of the fund with my professional and personal experience.
    Over the years, I have worked with many of… read more →

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    Roaring Fork soccer boys are top o’ the league

    For the first time with this set of students, the Roaring Fork Rams are the top soccer team in the league thanks to a 2-1 victory over Coal Ridge on Oct. 18 and Basalt’s loss to Delta the same day.

    That leaves Roaring Fork ranked fourthread more →

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    Road work goes ever on and on

    Public Works Director Kevin Schorzman will likely get most of his wish list when the municipal budget is finalized in December. During a capital budget presentation on Oct. 23, Carbondale Trustees discussed the items not included in the current draft and expressed a desire to be proactive.

    read more →