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    7A election day approaching for Crown Mountain Park

    Carbondalians take note — your midvalley neighbors are in the process of making a decision that could impact area recreation for years to come.

    Voters in Crown Mountain Park and Recreation District are being asked to approve a permanent mill levy increase, with more than 1,000read more →

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    Pages of the Past: A rolling stone gathers no moss

    From the archives of the Roaring Fork Valley Journal

    May 4, 1978

    A new judge was called to preside over a minimum stream flow case with implications for the Crystal River and Avalanche Creek after the previous one was disqualified due to his wife’s membership in…

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    School resource officer losing sight, but not vision

    Michael Zimmerman is going blind.

    After five years as Carbondale’s school resource officer and almost 30 in law enforcement, he is actively training his replacement, Gretchen Bell, and will soon be looking for another career. News has leaked out slowly over the last school year, butread more →

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    Waste Diversion Day provides easy, affordable recycling

    If you’ve ever wondered about where your recyclables go, don’t worry: Julia Farwell has already done the homework — at least for the Spring Clean Up event from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 28 by Town Hall.

    “I’m sort of like the watchdog,”read more →

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    Van Life Rally showcases homes on the road

    The idea of picking up and living out of the back of a camper or bus has likely occurred to most folks with an outdoor inclination, but some of the examples at 5Point’s annual Van Life Rally are more achievable than others.

    On one end ofread more →

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    Pages of the Past: Striking against ‘the jaws of hell’

    From the archives of the Roaring Fork Valley Journal

    April 27, 1978

    The members of the Redstone Workers Association penned a cover column entitled “Why we are striking.” They noted that wages had gone up 80 percent compared to a 300 percent increase in the price…

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    You can’t repress this press

    The Sopris Sun is officially award winning.

    In our first trip to the Colorado Press Association convention last weekend, we were some of the loudest and most obnoxious cheerers as we nabbed three top spots in our size category. Photographer Jane Bachrach took home one firstread more →

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    Bike Project reborn in new Third Street space

    There are many ways to reduce suffering in the world, and building bikes may be one.

    Aaron Taylor has been unwittingly carrying out The Way of Compassion’s mission statement with the Bonedale Bike Project since 2009, but now it’s official. Under the umbrella of the Carbondaleread more →

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    Knaus, Roaring Fork Family Practice garner state recognition

    Longtime Carbondale doctor Gary Knaus was named Family Physician of the Year at the Colorado Academy of Family Physicians conference on April 13.

    The award annually recognizes a Colorado family physician who provides outstanding care, enhances their community and is a role model both personallyread more →

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    Pages of the Past: Spring fire sparks evacuations along Catherine Store Road

    April 17, 2008: A small fire near the rodeo grounds spread to over 100 acres along Catherine Store Road, but was 70 percent contained by press time. A three mile radius was evacuated by reverse-911 call, affecting the Ranch at Roaring Fork, Aspen Equestrian Estates and even portions of Missouri Heights. read more →