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    Pages of the Past: Down to a coin toss

    Feb. 23, 1978
    A contested appointment on Planning and Zoning came down to chance. It was the second seat filled in two months (Paul Lappala got the first one), and many had assumed that the other applicant the first time would simply fill the vacancy, and the town didn’t… read more →

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    RFHS Vice Principal Kelsie Goodman to resign

    After four years as vice principal, Keslie Goodman will leave Roaring Fork High School at the end of the school year to take a leadership position in Iowa, where her family lives.

    It’s the right decision, she told The Sun on Feb. 20, but not an easy one.

    “I was… read more →

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    Pages of the Past: Local shoots and skis his way to the Olympics

    From the archives of the Roaring Fork Valley Journal

    Feb. 16, 1978
    The Basalt Board of Trustees approved a letter affirming the Town’s desire for the four-laning of Highway 82, among other improvements. The move was in direct opposition to a recent hearing in which Pitkin County had reportedly… read more →

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    City Market process moves ahead (and other trustee action)

    After years of delays, a new City Market in Carbondale is one step closer to reality.
    With things apparently on track for a Feb. 28 recordation, the Carbondale Board of Trustees approved modifications to a subdivision improvements agreement for the property on Feb. 13.
    “For the first… read more →

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    Roaring Fork renaissance girl in the running for Daniels scholarship

    Roaring Fork High School senior Emily Johnson has so many passions and talents, it’s hard to find a subject that doesn’t interest her.
    “I’m really into trying everything,” she said. “I don’t ever want to stop learning.”
    She’s into science, reading, writing, art, music, and cooking, but is… read more →

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    Leach’s legacy and 40 years of firefighting

    In Ron Leach’s opinion, his 40-year career with the Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District isn’t about him.
    “I want my legacy to be about the people I worked with,” he told The Sun on Feb. 4 — his official last day at the helm after 36 years… read more →

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    Pages of the Past: Water, snow and illicit apricots

    Feb. 9, 1978
    Roland Fischer of the Colorado RIver Water Conservation District penned a guest column in opposition to the Division of Wildlife’s attempts to enforce minimum stream flow laws on the Crystal River. While he praised the idea of supporting fish and habitat, he feared it would improve… read more →

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    Check out our new website!

    Have you ever tried to share one of our stories on Facebook only to have a big “X” pop up where the picture should be? Or struggled to navigate the home page on your phone?
    Well, not anymore. Our new website is up at and full of more-than-cosmetic… read more →

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    Sisu endures — but we could use six weeks of winter

    On a warm January day, a group of men regarded the muddy entrance to the Spring Gulch Trail system with the practiced eyes of recreationalists, ranchers and engineers.

    It’s ostensibly a meeting about parking lot improvements, but the spectre of drought is pervasive.

    “Weread more →

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    Pages of the Past: Art, snow and natural gas

    Feb. 2, 1978
    Although newly enacted “Per cent for Art” legislation wasn’t slated to take effect until summer, the Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities advocated for applying it to the new town hall when it began construction earlier in the year. In essence, they planned to request that… read more →