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    Dandelion Market reblooms in new location

    Dandelion Market, Carbondale’s natural foods outlet, is in the midst of a kind of resurrection following its closure earlier this year due to the loss of its lease on its original Main Street location. Over the past couple of months, a band of volunteers and board members have worked feverishly to reopen the market in a new location next to the Rhumba Girls liquor store on Highway 133, across the highway from the Wells Fargo bank. With a new board of directors, a new manager, and a new location, the byword of the day for the store is simple, said board member Richard Vottero: “survival.” read more →
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    Sales tax strong as budgeting begins

    Carbondale’s annual municipal budget process began in earnest on Aug. 15, when Finance Director Renae Gustine and Town Manager Jay Harrington presented a summary of the town’s current revenue picture that reflects a relatively small growth in sales taxes and other revenues for the coming year, based on past performance. read more →
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    Mayor: ‘We’re about public safety, and not immigration status’

    A proposed resolution aimed at protecting Carbondale’s Hispanic community from deportation and other anti-immigrant actions, by police or by the town, was passed by the town’s Board of Trustees (BOT) this week, though not as it was originally presented by a group of local middle-school students. Carbondale Middle School ninth-graders Vanessa Leon, Jessica Koller, Keiry Lopez and Cassidy Meyer — all members of a CMS organization known as The Issues Club — submitted an original resolution to the BOT early in the summer. But the trustees, at a meeting in July, opted to delegate Trustee Erica Sparhawk and Mayor Dan Richardson to rework some of the language and bring it back for consideration. read more →
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    Pages of the Past: Don’t close the road… bridge… hot spring!

    Aug. 25, 1977: Several years of litigation came to a close when a judge ordered the sale of some 90 residential lots that were part of the defunct Marble Ski Area. The envisioned resort community might have had a population of up to 20,000 during peak seasons, but the company ended up filing for bankruptcy after drawing opposition from local environmentalists and state commissions alike. (There now numerous homes in the area.) read more →
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    The spirit endures for Church at Redstone

    In the 40 years since its founding, The Church at Redstone has had just three pastors, and the fourth is planning on similar longevity. Chris Moon is in the process of taking over from longtime pastor Bruce Gledhill, who is moving to Woodland Park with his wife, Connie, at the end of the month. “I’ve loved being in Redstone and being with this church and getting to be who I’ve been for the last 17 years,” Gledhill said. “I couldn’t ask for anything better.” read more →
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    An inconvenient must see

    Dear Editor: Bob and Kathy Ezra, owners of the Crystal Theatre in Carbondale, are friends of mine, but that is not why I’m promoting the film that will be opening there Friday night, August 18, Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Sequel.” If you care about the future of the planet, it is a must see. read more →
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    Don’t let The Sopris Sun be eclipsed

    Dear Reader: The Sopris Sun Board of Directors wishes to extend our utmost gratitude to every generous contributor. Without support from donors, our 8-year-old paper could not provide the vibrant service of connecting our community through the colorful stories and images unique to our town’s historical, present, and future happenings. read more →
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    Bid on this painting!

    Brian Colley painted a lovely cover to help us remind folks to support The Sun — and we're hoping someone will want to take the original 8"x10" painting home. Bid by emailing or calling 510-3003 through Sept. 6. The current bid is $150. read more →
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    Bear incidents up, ordinance compliance low

    Carbondale is experiencing “significant” activity related to the presence of numerous bears in town looking for food in local dumpsters, according to a statement issued by the police, and residents are being cautioned that they had better make sure their trash containers are sufficiently bear-proof to avoid penalties that can reach up to $1,300 in fines. To punctuate the point, on Aug. 9 a young bear cub, roaming with its mother around the streets of old town, was electrocuted when it climbed a power pole and had to be put down by the Carbondale Police Department. read more →
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    Fire board will pursue new mill levy at same rate

    Voters who live in the Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District will be asked in the fall to extend a tax hike approved in 2015 that provided an increase to the district’s bottom line, which had been badly weakened by the Great Recession of 2008-2009. The district’s board of directors voted unanimously on Aug. 9 to ask for a 1.75 mill levy override for the coming three years, to keep the district’s property tax revenues from declining once the two-year, 2015 tax hike expires at the end of this year. read more →