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    Pages of the Past: Malcontent miners and train trials

    Sept. 22, 1977: Mid-Continent miners were back at work after a one day walkout over uncompleted shower facilities. The bathhouse had been destroyed in a flash flood over the summer, and Ma Mid had apparently promised to have them done by the previous week. read more →
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    A marvelous trip thanks to Moondance

    For fourteen days last July, myself and eleven other students from across the country, embarked on an adventure of a lifetime through the rocky Dolomite mountains on a Moondance trip. Moondance Adventures is an adventure travel company for middle and high school students with trips in five different continents, seventeen countries and eleven states in the US. The program’s philosophy incorporates a strong belief in the power of the outdoors with the ideas of positivity and “living in the moment.” read more →
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    The unsolved case of the Dead Iron Mule

    Near Marble, up rock-and-mud County Road 3 just past the Outward Bound facility, lies the North Lost Trailhead. It is one of the less-travelled entrances into the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness, and for good cause. It is hard to spot, for starters. But it is also steep and overgrown and requires at least two substantial creek crossings and does not offer any immediately gratifying views, the kind prized by typical day hikers. read more →
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    Annual reunion brings out alumni of all ages

    In 1960, Carbondale Union High School and Basalt High School came together under one roof and became Roaring Fork High School. The arrangement only lasted for two years while Basalt’s facilities were improved, but it left a lasting impression in Carbondale. The high school, now two buildings along, still has the conjoined name, mascot (Rams rather than Bulldogs) and colors (Blue and gold instead of blue and white). read more →
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    Out of the saddle and onto the mat

    WindWalkers is probably best known for the therapeutic riding it runs year round on Missouri Heights, but some of its most important work takes place outside the arena. “It goes well beyond the physical component,” Executive Director Gabrielle Greeves explained. “When you create health for one, you create the ability for them to engage in and heal the entire community.” read more →
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    Slow is the New Fast: For the love of local farms

    You may have heard there’s an additional polo field going in near the existing one at the Catherine Store intersection. What you might not know is that we’re losing a productive local farm in the process. Why should you care? In this time on the planet, with so much uncertainty about the future coming at us, we do know that we will need to eat. And we will need to grow MUCH more of our food locally as our global food supply is increasingly vulnerable to climate impacts. read more →
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    Veteran reporter John Colson retiring

    "If you’re not pissin’ people off, you’re not doing your job." That’s what veteran journalist John Colson remembers Publisher Bil Dunaway telling him one day in the early 1980s, after a pack of prominent Carbondalians spent the better part of an hour complaining about the way Colson ran The Valley Journal, which Dunaway owned then. It has become something of a mantra for Colson, who at 66 is retiring from The Sopris Sun this week after almost 40 years of newspapering from Rifle to Aspen. read more →
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    Charter schools start new year amid big changes

    A local non-profit since 1970, COMPASS… For Lifelong Learning operates two public, tuition free K-8 charter schools serving 270 students in the valley: Aspen Community School and Carbondale Community School. COMPASS is pleased to welcome two educational leaders to the organization. Michael Hayes has been hired as the Executive Director of COMPASS, following the retirement of Skye Skinner who held the post for 22 years. read more →
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    ​A new lens on women in the outdoors

    For founder Aisha Weinhold, the reality of this weekend’s third annual flagship No Man’s Land Film Festival (NMLFF) is a trip.“Oh my gosh, being in The Sopris Sun, and showing the films at the Crystal, I feel like I made it, This is a Carbondale girl’s dream!” says Weinhold, a cereal box cover of wholesome goodness. At 25, Weinhold is an alpinist, trail runner and business woman. read more →
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    Local DREAMers prepare for the end of DACA

    The battle over the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which came to a head on Sept. 5 when President Donald Trump announced he would end the program in six months, has barely begun, according to published national reports and comments by local immigration advocates in the Roaring Fork Valley region. In fact, Colorado immigration activists have scheduled a statewide DACA registration drive for Sept. 16 at the Glenwood Springs High School, starting at 1 p.m., to help current DACA recipients whose documentation will expire on or before March 5, 2018 — shortly before the deadline Trump has given for shutting down the DACA program. read more →