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    Public weighs in on Prince Creek biking improvements

    Nearly 60 people showed up at Carbondale Town Hall on May 17 to talk about plans for parking and other proposed improvements to an increasingly popular mountain biking, equestrian and hiking trails system along Prince Creek Road south of town. In addition, more than 80 people submitted written comments to the Pitkin County Open Space & Trails Department’s website, mostly thanking the county for dealing with the situation but also offering numerous suggested changes based on their individual experiences and understanding of the issues involved. read more →
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    How Roaring Fork became a school of jazz

    Mark Gray sits on a stool in front of roughly 30 students whose chairs form an arc filling the band room at Roaring Fork High School (RFHS). Behind him is a whiteboard with the lines of a musical staff imprinted on one portion alongside handwritten calendar dates denoting “Battle of the Bands,” a May 31 dinner, and the school’s graduation — remaining dates of the band’s concerts. read more →
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    TRUU anuncia programa de santuario para inmigrantes

    La iglesia Two Rivers Unitarian Universalists (TRUU) de Carbondale está preparando para hacerse la primera iglesia en el valle que ofrece santuario, aunque todavía nadie lo está buscando en este momento. read more →
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    Boat ramp gets spring cleaning

    Dear Editor: An 8:30am start, coffee, pastries, fruit, rock bars, loppers, pole saws, waders, willows, award-winning bread pudding and more. read more →
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    Fire thanks

    To Carbondale Fire Chief Ron Leach and Deputy Chief Rob Goodwin: I am so grateful to you and all your crew who responded so quickly to the fire at 858 Garfield on Thursday. read more →
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    ACA healthcare

    Dear Editor: There are lots of ways to create Medicare-for-All. read more →
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    Where they get the buses

    Dear Editor: At the May 11th Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA) session chaired by the befuddled and unprofessional RFTA Chairman George Newman, RFTA CEO Dan Blankenship brought up the subject of adding electric buses to the bus fleet. read more →
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    Seeking Higher Ground: Lives of the rich and infamous

    I don’t “get” this country’s fascination with the rich and famous. Years ago, I spent a summer living with former in-laws at the top of Coldwater Canyon above Beverly Hills. On our outings, my beloved mother-in-law would elbow me and eagerly whisper, “Look, that’s Warren Beatty!” Or whoever. read more →
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    Board of Adjustment continues appeal for 728 Euclid

    The Carbondale Planning & Zoning Commission, acting as the Board of Adjustment on May 11, instructed staff to craft “findings” — the first step in a process that could lead to a building permit denial at 728 Euclid. Carbondale building official John Plano issued a building permit to Pat Kiernan to construct a 4,455-square-foot house on his 7,040-square-foot lot in March, but several neighborhood residents protested the issuance, leading to the May 11 Board of Adjustment meeting. read more →
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    Unitarians announce immigration sanctuary program

    The Two Rivers Unitarian Universalists in Carbondale are prepared to become the valley's first sanctuary church, although at this point there in no one in line to seek their sanctuary. The program was announced publicly at an interfaith “vigil” in Glenwood Springs on Mother's Day, May 14. Rev. Shawna Foster, the minister of the TRUU, is also a politically active participant in other social-justice causes, such as the recent mission to send of goods and assistance from Carbondale to the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. read more →