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    CMS tops Project Citizen

    Dear Editor: Two months ago a group of four students from Carbondale Middle School started their journey to a state wide competition in Denver. This idea started as a question: how can we best help the immigrant community in Carbondale? read more →
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    Keep ’em out

    Dear Editor: I propose we build a wall along our southern border. No, not the national border to keep out Mexicans, but Colorado’s southern border to keep out Texans. read more →
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    Ps & Qs: Death and Vanity Fair

    What really matters at the end of this life; is it fame? Fortune? The one with the most magazine subscriptions wins? In the end, I think it’s the memories. It comes down to how you make others feel because only through the living does our legacy endure. I like the idea that we’re all in this together and at the end we reconnect in stardust. This thought brings me an easy-going, off-the-hook, peace of mind. Like one of my favorite quotes by Ogden Nash- “There is not a shred of evidence that life is serious.” So, I might as well do what makes me feel accomplished and have a little fun along the way. read more →
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    Good spirits up and down Main Street

    Carbondale’s historic Main Street district has long been the home of a changing roster of bars and restaurants, but these days things are looking a little different as the drinking scene takes on a more social vibe, according to two entrepreneurs working on those changes. With the advent nearly two years ago of the Marble Distilling Company, 150 Main St., and now the pending inauguration of the Roaring Fork Beer Co.’s new tasting room at 358 Main, reportedly to be known as “Batch,” it would appear that the changing nature of Main Street drinking establishments is on the upswing. read more →
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    Dharma Center offers a way of compassion

    The Roaring Fork Valley’s Buddhist practitioners now have a place they can call “home,” sort of, at the Way of Compassion Dharma Center in Carbondale. Located in the Third Street Center, it the first such center to open up in the valley, according to its Spiritual Director, John Bruna (who also goes by a traditional Buddhist name, Jangchub Chophel). In addition, according to the center’s web site (, there now is an “app” that practitioners can use “to help us stay connected to the Dharma,” a reference to the teachings of Buddha, known as Dharma. read more →
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    Development plan would be new City Market’s neighbor

    According to Carbondale officials at Town Hall and a private land-use planner working on the Carbondale Marketplace project near the intersection of West Main Street and Highway 133, a proposed new and enlarged City Market store and its related commercial entities still are expected to be built. In addition, according to a consultant involved with the City Market project, the owner of the lot just south of the City Market site along West Main Street has arranged for an open house on June 6 at the Carbondale Town Hall to gather public input about a new development idea in the same part of town. read more →
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    Nicki and Rita, gatekeepers of CMS

    If you’ve been to Carbondale Middle School, chances are you’ve met Nicki and Rita. The school secretaries have been manning the main office for a combined 50 years, and in the process they’ve become almost inseparable. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for folks to mix them up or even combine their names, so we’ll stick with a first name basis here to avoid even more confusion. read more →
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    Pages of the Past: Basalt mayor resigns over radar gun controversy

    June 2, 1977: Basalt Town Hall was in turmoil after the mayor and two town staffers resigned, and most bar owners were upset that the town council had banned minors inside bars for any reason. One bar owner asked whether it would still be okay for her four-year-old daughter to take naps in the bar area. The mayor of three years (plus six as a town council member) cited “personality conflicts” with the other members for resigning. read more →
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    Free park concerts kick off June 11

    Another summer in Carbondale, another monthly series of free concerts in Sopris Park. Starting Sunday, June 11 — and continuing every second Sunday of each month until the program’s Sept. 10 finale — locals and visitors can count on late afternoons of free concerts from 4-7 p.m. “This is an amenity for everyone,” said Marty Silverstein, co-event coordinator with Steve Standiford of Steve’s Guitars fame. Each show features two acts that includes a usually local opener followed by a touring headliner, according to Standiford. read more →
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    Pages of the Past: No shortage of controversy over the decades

    May 26, 1977: Mayor John Fleet denied that there was any sort of feud brewing between the Town of Carbondale and the Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District. May 22, 1997: An old dispute over access to the undeveloped Te Ke Ki and Aspen Crystal River Estates subdivisions found new head when a local ranch manager plowed berms into the road south of Catherine Store. read more →