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    El paso a ciudadanía para un Carbondaliano

    Si usted cree que el Departamento de Tránsito es la peor forma de burocracia, preguntale a Jesus Ortiz sobre su travesía de 17 años para recibir ciudadanía. -Ha sido difícil, -te diría -. No es solo mandar una aplicación. Es un proceso muy largo. Ortiz, 46, ha formado parte del equipo para Obras Publicas en Carbondale desde 2012 y logró ser oficialmente ciudadano de los Estados Unidos en abril, un logro que el atribuya a su patrocinador, gerente anterior de Pour House Skip Bell. read more →
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    To the person who posted the ICE Flyer:

    I’m not going to debate facts with you. Stuff like - this part of Colorado is Spanish-speaking because it was part of Mexico until 1845, or that immigrants commit crime at a much lower rates than than people born here, or that immigration has always been a race issue since Europeans landed and determined native peoples here were religiously not people, or that immigrants are not stealing our jobs - none of this is going to change your mind about ‘putting America first’. read more →
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    Trustees consider immigrant policy, seek Latino applicants

    Carbondale’s Board of Trustees on July 11 declined to adopt a proposed resolution, submitted by a quartet of Carbondale Middle School (CMS) students, that would clearly define and outline the town’s policies and position regarding the use of local police to ferret out illegal immigrants in the local population. But the board assigned Trustee Erica Sparhawk (with help from Mayor Dan Richardson) to work with the four students to refine the language into a form that can be adopted at some point, after pointing out several ways in which the proposed resolution’s initial language was problematic. read more →
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    Drilling resumes after Thompson Divide spill

    Following a mid-June spill of more than 2,300 gallons of chemicals, wastewater and drill “cuttings,” for which the Texas gas drilling company SG Interests was ordered on June 20 to shut down the well in question, drilling has resumed. The well is located in the southernmost portion of the controversial Thompson Divide region, and following a brief interruption to clean up the spill, the company is back in business at the same well, according to an official with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, which leased the site of the well to the company a decade ago. read more →
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    Pages of the Past: ‘I’m not interested in little potatoes’

    July 14, 1977: It took three hours for rescuers to reach a fatally injured climber near Bulldog Creek after dispatchers failed to agree on which of three emergency groups could get there the fastest. Aspen Search and Rescue, Carbondale Volunteer Fire and Garfield Search and Rescue were all called in and called off in turn before the Aspen crew finally set off. read more →
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    Get hooked on polo

    Polo is an exciting sport and if you live in Carbondale you don’t have to walk, bike or drive very far to enjoy it this summer. The 2017 polo season has officially kicked off at the Aspen Valley Polo Club outside of Carbondale, and in addition to the complimentary food and refreshments served at Sunday games, the growing number of spectators already seem to be eating it up. read more →
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    RFSD passes 2017-18 budget

    Roaring Fork Schools Board of Education approved the 2017-18 budget on June 28 with a combined total budget appropriation of $189 million. Of the district’s 12 funds, the building fund and general fund are the two largest funds with appropriations of $89 million and $67 million, respectively. The building fund is a temporary fund established to account for the proceeds of the $122 million bond issue authorized by voters in November 2015. The majority of bond projects are scheduled to be completed by December 2017, with a handful of projects carrying into 2018 including staff housing and the completion of Glenwood Springs Elementary School’s addition and renovation. read more →
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    The tale behind the tiles

    Hiding in plain sight, the Carbondale Clay Center’s Sopris Park restroom-tile project was four years in the making. “I always say this took four Mountain Fairs and two Potato Days,” project organizer Diane Kenney told The Sopris Sun. “I think we started in 2000 at Mountain Fair.” The project eventually wrapped 600 individual ceramic tiles around the restrooms on the west side of Sopris Park. read more →
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    When the cards are stacked against you, open Tom’s Door

    Need has no season, but Tom’s Door keeps track anyway. For 15 years, the nonprofit has been mostly recognizable to the public through the cards it sells to raise money for folks facing emergencies. Available at dozens of local stores, they feature local scenes from around 65 area photographers appropriate to the time of year. read more →
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    Highway aligned Crystal Trail would be best for wildlife, biologist says

    A 114-page report on possible wildlife impacts from construction of a pedestrian and biking trail up the Crystal River was not intended to identify one particular trail route or another, said the study’s author, Boulder-based wildlife biologist Rick Thompson on Monday. Nonetheless Thompson’s report, which was outlined at a meeting on July 10 in Redstone (with a second meeting scheduled for Carbondale the following day), seemed to lean toward keeping the proposed trail along the Highway 133 right-of-way for most of its 20-mile length. read more →