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    One big happy planet

    Dear Editor: I enjoyed Nicolette Toussaint's look at various ways of measuring quality of life and well-being. One of my favorites is the Happy Planet Index (HPI), which shows “the relative efficiency with which nations convert the planet’s natural resources into long and happy lives for their citizens.” read more →
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    Missing millennials

    Dear Editor: I marched for science on April 22 and for the climate on April 29. Looking around, I saw something disturbing: nothing but gray haired, wrinkly skinned Baby Boomers. Where were the Millennials? It's their future we were marching for. We're all going to be dead before we turn this planet into a smoldering cinder. read more →
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    Ps & Qs: An easy ride

    Life is hard. Anyone over 30 knows this. But what may take more than thirty years to realize, is that it’s not supposed to be easy. The whole point is to face each disaster with a graceful attitude because character is formed by learning how to handle all the obstacles and overcome the pain, anger and resentment they cause read more →
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    New nonprofit targets kids, bikes, stewardship and more

    Roaring Fork Cycling holds its inaugural bike swap at Crown Mountain Park (near the El Jebel City Market) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on May 6, according to a press release. The swap will help valley riders, especially parents and kids, to find affordable used bikes, bike-related parts, accessories and clothing, while selling items they no longer need. read more →
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    Festival las Americas moves to May 5 this year

    Look for two new twists at Festival las Americas in Sopris Park: the annual fund-raiser for Club Rotario will be held on May 5 rather than in late August, and admission will be free. “May 5 is a popular date, so we thought we’d take advantage of that,” organizer Jen Quevedo told The Sopris Sun. She said that in late summer, fewer vendors are available than in early May and Sunday isn’t a good day for them. read more →
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    Pages of the Past: Phone bandits before their time

    May 3, 1979: El Jebel resident Bonnie Williams stopped two men from making off with a phone in an era when such an endeavor took a lot more muscle. According to the Journal’s report, she spotted the pair, who turned out to be father and son, prying a pay phone off the post office building and parked her car in front of theirs as they tried to escape. read more →
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    RFTA Access Control Plan back before board

    The controversial Access Control Plan (ACP) or the Rio Grande Trail right-of-way is expected to win final approval by the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority board May 11, according to recent statements by RFTA’s CEO, Dan Blankenship.If it is approved, that will bring to an end nearly two years of wrangling over the document, which is meant to lay out RFTA’s policies regarding crossings and land uses along the trail right-of-way. read more →
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    Ram baseballers roll as season closes

    The Roaring Fork baseball squad is on a heavy-hitting roll, out scoring its opponents 30-6 in the last three games, while chalking up wins of 13-3, 11-1 and 6-2 since April 29.The Rams are paced by sophomore Layne Crisp with a .432 batting average and nine runs batted in (RBI), juniors Ralph Good and Drew Broadhurst (.434/13 RBI, and .346/9 RBI with two homeruns, respectively), and senior Aldo Pinela at .362, eight RBI’s and one home run. read more →
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    Carbondale robbery suspect implicated in Las Vegas murder

    The young man authorities believe wielded the gun in an armed robbery in Carbondale on Feb. 16 is now wanted on charges of murder and other offenses related to a case in Las Vegas, Nevada, police say. But robbery suspect Benjamin Weeks remains in jail in Glenwood Springs, while authorities work out this latest series of charges affects his status across jurisdictions in two states. read more →
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    Pages of the Past: Soakers discuss Penny Hot Springs’ future

    April 28, 1977: An ad hoc group called the Redstone Hot Springs Foundation scheduled a meeting at the Crystal Theatre to determine what, “if anything,” should be done with the Penny Hot Springs between Carbondale and Redstone. Locals, including Crystal River Valley resident Roy Rickus, created the foundation after an upstream property owner “buried” the mineral hot springs, located alongside Highway 133. read more →