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    Wilderness Workshop fumes over natural gas leaks

    The Carbondale-based Wilderness Workshop, a conservation watchdog group, is still evaluating whether to file a lawsuit challenging recent federal approval for enlarging a compressor station that pumps natural gas into a series of storage wells in the Wolf Creek portion of the Thompson Divide. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management in December agreed to permit the changes that would increase the volume of natural gas being pumped into the storage wells, as well as the level of pressure pushing that gas along through the pipes and other infrastructure. read more →
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    Jewelry designers putting Carbondale on the map

    Carbondale is home to many artists and craftspeople known throughout the state, country and beyond for their distinctive creations. The town is also home to a pair of five-star-rated jewelry designers/retailers – Harmony Scott, and Colby June Fulton. Harmony Scott and Colby June (as her company is known) are both full-time jewelry designers with galleries and work spaces in town, as well as prominent internet presence and retail outlets beyond Colorado’s borders. They also employ several local residents to help make their designs a reality as needed, operate their retail operations, and travel to trade shows. read more →
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    Naturalist Nights continue with wildlife and energy lecture

    Wilderness Workshop, the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies and Roaring Fork Audubon are about halfway through their Naturalist Nights winter speaker series. With topics ranging from wildlife biology to geology, and climate science to environmental policy, they run Wednesdays at the Third Street Center (520 S. 3rd St., Carbondale) and Thursdays at ACES (100 Puppy Smith Street, Aspen). Early bird Sopris Sun readers still have a chance to catch Sarah Reed’s presentation on Feb. 9, “Energy Development Impacts on Wildlife: Lessons Learned for the Next Energy Boom” with George Wittemyer is the next event to come downvalley. read more →
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    Best kept secret: the Mt. Sopris Rec. Riders

    The best kept secret label is not so widespread anymore, but one local nonprofit certainly qualifies – the Mt. Sopris Rec. Riders snowmobile club. Consider, for just a moment, what this club of 40-100 members takes on each year. • Grooming and maintaining (with the Snow Skippers and Delta SnoKrusers) the 100-mile Sunlight-Powderhorn trail; read more →
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    Dandelion Day plans underway, volunteers needed

    Plans for Dandelion Day 2017 are still evolving, but this much we know: Carbondale’s celebration of one of nature’s most useful plants will take place on May 13 and the Parade of the Species will probably march, slither, hop, stride and clip-clop down Main Street as it has in previous years. As for the ever popular beer garden? read more →
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    Pages of the Past: ‘Old Joe’ dies, senior housing moves forward

    Feb. 3, 1977 Old Joe, who apparently amused more folks with his antics than he offended, died of pneumonia the previous Friday at an undetermined age. “He’d been sick for a several days and people urged him to go to the doctor,” but he wouldn’t go,” said the lead story in that week’s newspaper. “He confided to one friend that he was afraid they’d put him away and wouldn’t let him come back to Carbondale.” read more →
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    Carbondale Fire works to correct diesel spill at Marble station

    An agreement is nearly complete between the Town of Marble and the Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District that will allow work to get underway to clean up what fire officials believe is a relatively small diesel spill from tanks at the Marble fire house, according to fire district officials. read more →
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    Roaring Fork High holds second annual Girls’ Summit

    While a blizzard buffeted Carbondale on the evening of Jan. 25, Roaring Fork High School art teachers Leslie Keery and Cathleen McCourt, as well as students in the Girls’ Summit Club, greeted approximately 30 girls of various grades as well as three quarters of the female staff of RFHS in front of the warm fireplace at the Orchard Church for the annual Girls’ Summit. read more →
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    A local connection for ‘La La Land’

    The story and themes in the musical romance “La La Land” may be straight out of Los Angeles, but the dancing is pure Colorado Western Slope. Or at least, choreographer Mandy Moore is. read more →
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    Ps & Qs: Living with our past

    Research shows that humans may be born with our ancestors’ emotional experiences already imprinted in our genetic makeup. I mean, if we inherit things like eye color, bone structure, and mannerisms, why not emotional conditioning? In theory, this would make each generation better than the last, giving us the psychological tools to cope with anything our ancestors had already overcome. read more →