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    Living by a land ethic

    We live in a time that emanates confusion. We live in a time where stories from the middle east about decapitations are too normal. We live in a time where celebrities are more important than the planet that we live on. We live in a time where the only solution for death is more death, the only solution for feeding the planet is found in a lab, the only solution for climate change is convincing yourself it does not exist, the only solution for police brutality is listening to the least threatening side of the story, and the only solution for sexism is making sure that women don’t make enough money to gain a voice. We live in a time where it is hard to trust your fellow man. read more →
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    Basalt reaches agreement with Mahoney

    The Town of Basalt has reached an agreement with town manager finalist Ryan Mahoney, who is expected to sign a contract with the town later this week. Mahoney currently works as the Development Services Director for the City of Marana, Arizona and previously served as town manager in Buena Vista and Dolores. read more →
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    Our Town: Dave Dixon

    The Sopris Sun is conducting a series of interviews with folks you may not have seen in the paper before – a sort of introduction to your neighbors. This week, meet Dave Dixon, the proprietor of Strange Imports on the Main Street level of the Dinkel Building. THE SOPRIS SUN: Is the Carbondale Strange Imports the only location? Dave Dixon: Right now, yes. We used to have a few others. One in Vail for a few years, one in Aspen for a couple as well. read more →
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    War, cancer lead to nursing degrees for CMC graduates

    War and cancer are rightly viewed as among the world’s worst things to endure. But two graduates from the Colorado Mountain College nursing program used their experiences with deadly conflict and disease to learn how to care for others. The nursing program at Spring Valley and Breckenridge awarded Associate of Applied Science and Bachelor of Science in nursing degrees to the class of 2017 on May 6. read more →
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    Festival las Américas 2017 se Celebra el Cinco de Mayo

    Habrán dos cambios para el Festival las Américas 2017 que ocurre en Carbondale en Sopris Park. Este recaudador de fondos anual para el Club Rotario será el Cinco de Mayo (y no al finales de agosto) y la admisión será gratis. read more →
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    New nonprofit targets kids, bikes, stewardship and more

    Roaring Fork Cycling holds its inaugural bike swap at Crown Mountain Park (near the El Jebel City Market) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on May 6, according to a press release. The swap will help valley riders, especially parents and kids, to find affordable used bikes, bike-related parts, accessories and clothing, while selling items they no longer need. read more →
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    Festival las Americas moves to May 5 this year

    Look for two new twists at Festival las Americas in Sopris Park: the annual fund-raiser for Club Rotario will be held on May 5 rather than in late August, and admission will be free. “May 5 is a popular date, so we thought we’d take advantage of that,” organizer Jen Quevedo told The Sopris Sun. She said that in late summer, fewer vendors are available than in early May and Sunday isn’t a good day for them. read more →
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    Trail impacts on wildlife

    Dear Editor: A recent survey indicated a consensus that the present Highway 133 shoulders are not a safe path for bicycle riders or walkers. Nevertheless, there is strong opposition to possible attractive off-highway routes for a trail. I find hunting, roadkill and human habitation of the rural/wild interface as major impacts on wildlife. read more →
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    OSTP on the right track in CV

    Dear Editor: Many of us are excited about the upcoming plans to extend the Crystal Valley trail from the KOA campground to the top of McClure Pass. Impetus for this project has come from Governor Hickenlooper’s inclusion of this project in his recent trails program “16 in 2016”, a $100,000 grant from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO), and very strong local support. read more →
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    Pages of the Past: Phone bandits before their time

    May 3, 1979: El Jebel resident Bonnie Williams stopped two men from making off with a phone in an era when such an endeavor took a lot more muscle. According to the Journal’s report, she spotted the pair, who turned out to be father and son, prying a pay phone off the post office building and parked her car in front of theirs as they tried to escape. read more →