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    Valley Settlement Project stands on its own as nonprofit

    The Valley Settlement Project, a Carbondale-based project that aims at improving the lives and educational opportunities of immigrants (primarily Hispanic) in the Roaring Fork Valley region, is confident it will continue to provide services and support for numerous clients of all ages following its recent “launch as a stand-alone nonprofit,” according to executive director Jon Fox-Rubin. read more →
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    Public hearing set for a two-acre annexation north of town

    Carbondale’s overall size may grow by two acres in the coming months, as the Board of Trustees considers a proposal to annex vacant land along Highway 133, between the Xcel power substation and the Roaring Fork Tire Center at the north end of town. In a presentation to the trustees on Tuesday, planning consultant Mark Chain described the intended use of the property as a site for a large mini-storage facility. This would be the first annexation to the town in six years, since the town annexed the Gateway Park property in 2011, according to Town Manager Jay Harrington. read more →
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    Local participation continues in demonstrations, boycotts

    Approximately 125 people took part in a citizens’ march to support Planned Parenthood on Feb. 11 in Carbondale, walking from The Goat restaurant (Cowen Drive and Highway 133) up the bike path along Highway 133 to the roundabout at Main Street and back again. This march, like the Women’s March on Jan. 21, was in protest against the policies of President Donald J. Trump and the Republican Congress, and was one of many such actions planned in the near future, including a local angle on a nationwide “general strike and boycott” scheduled for this Friday, Feb. 17 (see below). read more →
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    C’dale fire weighs options for capital improvements

    The Carbondale fire department is considering whether to ask voters in November to authorize borrowing up to $10.5 million to pay for deferred capital improvement projects over the next 25 years or so, in light of the fact that otherwise the district’s tax rate will drop at the end of this year. At a meeting on Feb. 8, the board of directors for the Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District agreed to further explore the idea, after a presentation from the district’s bond counsel, Wes Bradish of RBC Capital markets, who indicated the district could seek voter approval for a new bond issue, but keep the property-tax rate, or mill levy for bonded indebtedness, right where it is today. read more →
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    Pages of the past: ‘Can’t we just clone Fred?’

    Feb. 13, 1997: The Town of Carbondale was searching for a new police chief after long-time and highly popular chief Fred Williams retired, and the town board of trustees asked the citizens what kind of chief they’d like to see. “Can’t we just clone Fred?” was one citizen’s response, though most took the question more seriously and advocated for someone a lot like Fred — compassionate, able to listen to constituents, possessing a solid understanding of the community, and who’s more interested in Carbondale than building a career as a cop by moving to ever-larger jurisdictions. read more →
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    C’dale author explains how gardening changes lives

    • Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut; • The University of California, Davis; Coming soon: • The Carbondale Branch Library; • The Tattered Cover book store in Denver. • Canada in March. That’s a bit of Illené Pevec’s speaking schedule, after New Village Press published her book “Growing a Life: Teen Gardeners Harvest Food, Health, and Joy." read more →
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    Slam represents culmination of weeks of workshops

    Owen O’Farell stands before a group of kids just a little younger than he was when he discovered poetry. Now a junior at Roaring Fork High, he has just finished reading a poem from his phone and has kept the Carbondale Middle School students engaged almost as well as Mercedez Holtry, who introduced him and does this for a living. read more →
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    Bogus school threat provides practice, lessons

    While the threat that triggered closures and lockouts in the Roaring Fork School District on Feb. 9 was ultimately deemed not credible, school officials and law enforcement stand by their cautious approach. “Our job is to ensure as much as possible the safety of the students, the schools and the community,” said Carbondale Police Chief Gene Schilling. read more →
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    Sopris Theatre Company presents ‘Sixteen Wounded’

    A passionate young Palestinian hurtles through a bakery window in Amsterdam and encounters the baker, a lonely and emotionally remote survivor of the Holocaust. That’s the opening premise of “Sixteen Wounded,” the latest production by Colorado Mountain College’s Sopris Theatre Company. It features Bob Moore as Hans, Jesse Monsalve as Mahmoud, Becky Levin as Nora, Kelly Ketzenbarger as Sonya, and Raleigh Burleigh as Ashraf. read more →
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    Seeking Higher Ground: Of painting, pikas and politics

    Right now, I’m pursuing two long-deferred callings: writing a personal column and becoming a fine-art painter. Those two activities feel like yin and yang, emotionally balancing the scales: painting is a right-brain activity, writing is left-brain. When I’m writing, my mind is full of words. I never miss a publication deadline. While I’m painting, mind chatter disappears. I lose track of time. I sometimes even miss meals. read more →