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    Pages of the Past: Roaring Fork strike a blow for the underdog

    From the archives of the Roaring Fork Valley Journal

    March 16, 1978

    A series of conflicts between dogs and deer were causing headaches for local wildlife officers. In a specific incident described, a motorist on Highway 82 called in two dogs harassing a herd ofread more →

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    Mutt and Jeff: Don’t take it to the extreme

    Extreme. What in the world do we mean by extreme?  When we speak of temperature we say that something is too hot or too cold, or perhaps that it is pleasantly warm or cool, or perhaps tepid. The highest and lowest temperatures would be at the extremities, thousandsread more →

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    The long and winding road to fire chief

    For Rob Goodwin, being on top means propping people up. That’s been his philosophy throughout his career with the Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District, and now that he’s chief, it’s no different.

    “There’s an old saying: ‘there’s no limit to what a person can doread more →

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    Alaprima Painters featured in Rockies West National Exhibit

    Seventy-three artists from 17 states have works featured in this year’s Rockies West National in Grand Junction, and five of them call Carbondale home.

    It was the first time Carbondale had such representation in the exhibit, now in its 26th year. That’s because it was the first time the Alaprima… read more →

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    RFHS, Ross participate in National School Walkout

    No signs. No slogans.

    Roaring Fork High School’s participation in the National School Walkout on March 14 was a quiet affair.

    While the whole student body shared 17 seconds of silence during a community meeting inside, around three dozen kids and a handful of grown-upsread more →

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    What the fashion?

    The 10th annual Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza took place on Friday and Saturday, March 9 and 10, at the Carbondale Community Center. Tickets were also sold for the dress rehearsal on March 8.

    The show has become so popular that if ticketsread more →

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    Teachers packing heat

    Dear Editor:

    I ask myself, would I fire my single shot .22 handgun over the heads of my students if I knew the bad guy with a bump-stocked AR15 was ready to unleash 100 rounds in my direction, over the heads of the 30 children thatread more →

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    Carbondale over Glenwood Springs

    Dear Editor:

    It’s been just about three years since I moved to Carbondale after 16 years in Glenwood Springs. Never made a better move in my life.

    The biggest reason I left Glenwood Springs was the traffic. It was frustrating trying to get anywhereread more →

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    Had enough?

    Dear Editor:

    Yes, I have had enough of people in the newspaper getting a lot of gun shootings wrong.

    Yes, there are terrible tragedies and yes the FBI should have taken Cruz into custody. Yes, the law officer who was a coward decidedread more →

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    A rancher’s perspective on wolf reintroduction

    There are legitimate concerns and consequences to be considered pertaining to the reintroduction of wolves. It is disingenuous to state that opponents of wolf reintroduction base their beliefs solely on myth while wolf advocates use only facts as suggested by Senator Phillips of Montana.  

    Theread more →