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    Humans vs. Vampires: on which side will you fall?

    Don’t forget! Humans vs. Vampires begins Friday the 13th. Get your ribbons at Bonfire Coffee or Dandelion Market. You can still sign up after the official start, but your chances of winning decrease the more you delay. Start as a human with a yellow ribbon clearly displayed around your wrist. Vampires can’t tag you when you’re actively holding a copy of The Sopris Sun. If you put it down or stash it in your back pocket, one little tag and you’re one of them. Surrender your human ribbon to your sire, don the red one and begin seeking out your prey. read more →
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    RFHS homecoming week nurtures community in and out of school

    Roaring Fork High School senior Iliana Castillon Prado admits that when she dresses up for the school’s Spirit Week that culminates with the homecoming dance, she looks in the mirror and thinks: “Wow, I look really stupid.” “But as soon as you walk through the high school doors, you think, ‘Wow, we all look really stupid,’ which makes it worth it,” Prado said, reflecting on RFHS’s themed costume days that took places last week. Spirit Week aims to strengthen the school community and build pride. read more →
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    Pages of the Past: Cranes, trains and automobiles

    Oct. 13, 1977: About 40 concerned citizens turned out at an organizational meeting for a proposed gravel pit and batch plant northeast of Carbondale. Mostly, they were there to protest, with concerns ranging from traffic and noise to increased water temperatures and mosquito population. On the flip side, the town was set to receive 6 cents per ton extracted and the 30-acre parcel was to be donated to the town by 1988. read more →
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    Clear out the toxins at town Hazardous Waste Day

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, driving one mile emits about 411 grams of carbon dioxide. So, roundtrip from Carbondale to the South Canyon Landfill in Glenwood Springs, the average driver will emit 12,330 grams of carbon dioxide — not to mention having to spend more than one hour in the car. Fortunately, locals wanting to also be exemplary environmental stewards won’t have to make that trek Saturday; they can simply go to the town’s Household Hazardous Waste Day. read more →
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    Live entertainment and affordability merge at The Temporary

    A performing arts space called The Temporary in Willits Town Center is poised to become the midvalley’s happening new hangout. The venue, operated by nonprofit organization The Arts Campus at Willits (TACAW), opened Aug. 11 and has since attracted a cadre of fans with an array of performances. The buzz is growing and crowds are pouring in to several events per week, according to board member Jeff Orsulack and managing director Ryan Honey. read more →
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    Volunteers dig in to build new parks as part of Rio Grande ARTway

    After nearly two years of planning, community members celebrated boots-on-the-ground progress of the Rio Grande ARTway last weekend with two volunteer work sessions at the new DeRail Park near Highway 133. A third volunteer work day is scheduled for 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Oct. 14 at the Latino Folk Art Garden along the path near Eighth Street. Carbondale Arts has been developing the Rio Grande ARTway, a 1-mile section of the Rio Grande Trail that bisects Carbondale. The concept is to establish a “creative place-making project that reflects the cultural diversity of the community, inspires greater use of non-motorized transportation, preserves our heritage, and strengthens our core creative community,” according to the ARTway master plan. read more →
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    Town raises a stink, trustees don’t buy it

    Many on the Board of Trustees presumed the public hearing would be relatively straightforward: The Laughing Dog Group, which manages a marijuana infused products (MIP) facility at 500 Buggy Circle, has been noncompliant regarding managing odors. The town was officially requesting that the board, therefore, revoke the company’s special use permit that allows Laughing Dog to do business in the marijuana industry. After hearing all witness testimonies and public comment, however, it became clear that the case wasn’t so clear. read more →
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    Friends near and far mourn the death of Carbondale’s own Hayden Kennedy

    As alpinists around the world mourned the death of talented climber Hayden Kennedy, Carbondale locals struggled to find words to express the deep heartbreak over the loss of one of their own. Hayden, 27, a Carbondale native, took his own life Oct. 8, one day after he and his girlfriend, Inge Perkins, were caught in an avalanche in the southern Madison Mountains near Bozeman, Mont. Perkins, 23, of Bozeman, Mont., did not survive the slide. According to the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center, Hayden was able to escape the avalanche debris and proceeded to search for Perkins before trekking out of the area for help. On Monday, rescuers discovered Perkins’ body beneath 3 feet of snow. read more →
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    Federal suspect in pot grow identified

    One suspect fled and another was taken into federal custody when law enforcement raided an illegal marijuana grow on public land near Redstone on Sept. 28, according to a criminal complaint filed in United States District Court. The complaint provides an affidavit by a special agent for the United States Forest Service for the events leading up to the arrest of Fernando Esquivel Herrera, 25 or 26. read more →
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    Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection by the numbers

    While “fire” is right there in the name, it’s just one small facet of the services Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District provides across 323 square miles and six stations. “Maybe Emergency Services is more accurate but not as much fun to say,” observed Deputy Fire Chief Rob Goodwin. In fact, volunteers actually spend more time running the ambulance. According to data provided by the department for the past 12 months, of 1,197 calls for service, 576 were emergency medical service (EMS) related, with 101 motor vehicle accidents included in that figure. read more →