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    Trump’s no friend to environment

    Dear Editor: The environment is deteriorating. This is not merely a popular opinion; this is a fact. The environment is deteriorating, and this is in large part due to human interaction with the environment. We have made a mess. read more →
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    The egalitarianism of the old days

    I immigrated to the Roaring Fork Valley in 1970. I came for the skiing and had a job waiting for me as a truck driver. I could no longer deal with living in the growing metropolis of Seattle, so I left for four years in the Army (mostly in small towns in Europe), and spent a few months at a ski area in California. read more →
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    Thank you Carbondale

    Dear Carbondale: Last week I was honored to attend the Colorado Creative Industries Summit in Breckenridge. I wasn't able to attend the summit in Carbondale much last year because I was on the Tiny DeTour which was happening in conjunction in the little park on Fourth and Main. read more →
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    Trustees consider an Ecological Bill of Rights

    At the Carbondale Board of Trustees meeting on May 24, Trustee Frosty Merriott kicked off discussion of a proposed town Ecological Bill of Rights by holding up a partially crushed plastic water bottle he had found on the pavement next to his parked car outside Town Hall. “You can’t make this stuff up,” declared Merriott, who has advocated banning such single-use plastic bottles in town as part of the community’s commitment to environmental friendliness. read more →
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    Mid Valley pastor gives a different kind of service

    Don’t worry; your coffee won’t come with a sermon just because Mid Valley Church pastor Lance Norton is brewing it for you — unless you want it to, of course. “I know it’s an odd combination, but I don’t want people to think of it as the Christian coffee shop,” Norton said. “A lot of pastors view their primary role as Bible study and preaching, and I just don’t see it that way. You have that bartender that people kind of talk to about everything, and I hope I can be there for people that way whether they’re a Christian or not.” read more →
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    CPAC installs a new year of public art

    The Carbondale Public Arts Commission (CPAC), established 18 years ago, is about to go into its “public” role once again with a celebration of a new round of 15 sculptures erected in “highly visible places around the town,” as stated on its Facebook page. To celebrate the 2017 collection of sculpture, submitted by artists from around Colorado as well as New Mexico, Oregon, and Minnesota, CPAC will hold its annual Art Walk on June 1, as a way of showing off the new group of art pieces to as many members of the public as show up. The Art Walk begins at Town Hall at 5:30 p.m., and culminates with a reception at The Launchpad. read more →
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    New book brings life to Fisher Cemetery

    he names of most cemeteries in these parts tend toward the geographic (Red Butte Cemetery in Aspen or Cedar Hill Cemetery in Gypsum), the idyllic (Sunset View Cemetery in Eagle) or the generic (Evergreen Cemetery in Carbondale). Apparently only one is named after a person or family. It’s Fisher Cemetery at Spring Valley, located a few miles beyond Colorado Mountain College. read more →
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    Leading literacy expert explores reading debate

    A leading literacy expert explains an ongoing discussion in the education community at the Carbondale Branch Library at 7 p.m. on May 25. There are at least two components to this discussion: whether students better develop reading skills through formal study such as spelling lists and grammar/vocabulary exercises, or through reading for their own pleasure. read more →
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    TRUU anuncia programa de santuario para inmigrantes

    La iglesia Two Rivers Unitarian Universalists (TRUU) de Carbondale está preparando para hacerse la primera iglesia en el valle que ofrece santuario, aunque todavía nadie lo está buscando en este momento. read more →
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    Fire thanks

    To Carbondale Fire Chief Ron Leach and Deputy Chief Rob Goodwin: I am so grateful to you and all your crew who responded so quickly to the fire at 858 Garfield on Thursday. read more →