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    Gate squashes illicit access to Hubbard Cave

    My first trip to Hubbard Cave could probably stand in for most visits over the last hundred odd years. I was maybe 6 years old when my family piled into whichever SUV my dad happened to be driving and made our way up a four-wheel-drive track to the rim of the Glenwood Canyon. Whether the cave was our actual destination or not I’m not sure, but we ended up taking the narrow trail to the mouth of one entrance with one flashlight among us. I’d like to say it made an instant caver out of me, but in truth I barely made it past the drip line before fear of getting lost like Tom Sawyer drove me back. read more →
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    Pages of the Past: There’s a pole in the road!

    Sept. 8, 1977: A Grand Junction contractor had little to no luck moving the old Carbondale bridge, which had been sold to Pitkin County the previous year. The 10-story crane brought out for the job apparently exceeded its 27-ton limit and almost tipped into the Roaring Fork, prompting workmen to put it back and try to think of a new plan. read more →
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    New leadership at Roaring Fork High, Crystal River Elementary

    When Brett Stringer, the new Roaring Fork High School principal, was a high schooler himself, he jumped at the opportunity to take a creative approach to his education. His history teacher offered students the option of writing papers or creating videos, and Stringer and his brother began shooting movies of themselves rolling down the street inside of a “time machine” (made out of a trash barrel) which would depart in a trail a flames (á la the movie Back to the Future) as it left their Colorado Springs neighborhood to transport them to another time and place, such as the landing of the Mayflower. read more →
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    Ps & Qs: Kate the Cattle Queen

    Each time I make an appointment for a haircut I tell myself I will try something new; bangs perhaps, or a pixie cut. Although, I’ve never been what you would call pixieish. I come from a long line of large-boned, well-over-six-foot, whiskered highlanders named Horace who lived for 90 years. In fact, I’m not even sure what a ‘pixie’ is… sort of like an elf meets a bird-boned girl from the rainforest? Anyway, I think it sounds adorable! read more →
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    Man rescued, hospitalized after 75 foot fall

    A 35-year-old Denver man fell approximately 75 feet near Hays Creek Falls on Sept. 3, according to a press release from the Pitkin County Sheriff's Office. The incident occurred around 12:35 p.m. and the release did not specify what the man — identified as Nicholas Baltuch — was doing before the fall. read more →
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    Happy 106th birthday, Vera!

    Roaring Fork Valley native Vera Diemoz, whose homes in the area have ranged from Old Snowmass to Silt, turns 106 years old Sept. 1, having welcomed family members from California and other locales to help celebrate the occasion. Diemoz, who lives at Heritage Park in Carbondale, until three years ago was living at a senior residential complex in Glenwood Springs and doing her own cooking, shopping and other chores, according to her regular companion, Diane Welter. Photo by John Colson read more →
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    A living letter

    A special live performance of “Letter To Congress: a WILD Sanity” occupied Sustainable Settings on Aug. 25 and 26, combining spoken sentiments with dance against a wild backdrop. The core of the project is a film which will help illustrate the power of public places to lawmakers who may never experience them first hand. Almost all the footage was shot earlier this summer in various locations throughout the White River National Forest. read more →
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    Embracing inclusivity as we welcome new students

    Dear Editor: The incoming class of students at Colorado Mountain College will be the most diverse in the college’s history. Importantly, these students are entering CMC at a time of significant national turbulence. read more →
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    From trails to rails to roads to… trails again?

    A trio of men steeped in historical knowledge about the Crystal River Valley recently described the narrow gorge’s long history as a critical travel route, traversed by moccasin, horse, wagons, trains and cars over a century and a half. The occasion was a presentation on Aug. 24 to a standing-room-only crowd at the Carbondale Fire Department headquarters. “We’re going to look backwards to see how we got to where we are today,” said Dale Will of the Pitkin County Open Space and Trails department. read more →
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    Taking on Tipton

    Dear Editor: I am totally tickled that Diane Mitsch Bush is running to take the place of SGI shill and pansy Tipton. read more →