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    Sit up. Step up. What’s up?

    Five reps and five sets of sit-ups, burpees, air squats and 50 meter sprints gave second graders at Crystal River Elementary School a good taste of what a real workout is when two coaches from Sopris CrossFit came by on April 3 to share the importance of being physically active and get them excited for an upcoming project. read more →
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    Residents give feedback in Emma Open Space meeting

    Several dozen valley residents turned up at Pitkin County’s open house on March 30 at Basalt Town Hall, eager to learn more about and contribute ideas to the county’s plans for the property known as the Emma Townsite and Emma Open Space. The open house was called to gather public input about how to approach management of the roughly 72-acre property, which actually comprises two distinct areas straddling Highway 82 near where it crosses over the Roaring Fork River west of Basalt. read more →
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    Gubernatorial candidate lays out platform for Carbondalians

    In a rapid-fire delivery laced with anecdotes and humor, Mike Johnston, the 42-year-old former Colorado state senator who in January was the first state Democrat to announce his run for governor’s seat, spent about an hour with Carbondale constituents on April 4. He told more than 100 voters about his background in education, his determination to help immigrants get a better deal in everything from school to jobs, and his campaign plan to create “local leadership teams” around the state who can help him learn more about what the voters want from their government. read more →
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    Don't walk out, waffle in

    To the greatest, most wonderful community in the world, The world of public education is difficult, but I believe that the model we have at Roaring Fork High School represents the best of what it can be: student-centered, character-driven, authentically rigorous and focused on opportunities for all. It is and has been the professional honor of my life to serve in a school like this where students are kind and know that they can change the world. read more →
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    Carbondale changes Easter activities this year

    Who says little kids are the only ones who like Easter Egg Hunts? That was the feeling of the Carbondale Recreation Department when they decided to change the age group for the event. This year’s event will now be limited to those 80 and over. “We always do something for the little kids and most of them just cry when they see the Easter Bunny anyway,” said Mayor Ed McMcMuphin. “And we’ll extend the event from April 15 until July 30 in order to give everyone time to find all the eggs.” There will be 15,000 unboiled eggs hidden in obvious places and service dogs will be allowed, although any eggs that are peed on will be disqualified. The dogs, not the eggs…And the participants are being warned to be careful when using their canes or walkers because it could smash the eggs into smithereens. read more →
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    Taking the “car” out of Carbondale

    Meet the Royal Bonedalian Mounted Police – the first step in a 90 day adjustment period before all motor vehicle traffic ceases in town proper. “It starts with law enforcement setting the example,” explained Police Chief Gene Schilling, who was on pooper scooper duty Saturday morning thanks to a blown ACL. Existing staff will have first priority in the hiring process as the town phases out its streets department in favor of new positions as mucker and stablehands. Foreman Smiley Wise, a blacksmith and former rodeo star, will head the new crew. The proposal, passed unanimously at a special town council meeting on March 21, has drawn some criticism by earth-hating residents. read more →
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    Smoke scare at Basalt Post Office

    A fire call at the Basalt Post Office on the evening of March 29 turned out to be more smoke than anything, according to Fire Chief Scott Thompson. The building was closed for business, Thompson said, when someone smelled smoke – though the alarm system wasn’t triggered. “We didn’t know what we had and it seemed to be getting worse, so we treated it like we had a fire,” Thompson said. read more →
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    Old Carbondale bus barn closes its doors

    On the morning after spring break, four school buses leave the venerable bus barn on Third Street in Carbondale, but don’t return. The maintenance crew and a handful of drivers have spent the last week moving all the old tools and parts up to a new facility near El Jebel. In a few months, Roaring Fork School District hopes to have the old building torn down, the soil sampled and mitigated as needed, and a new teacher housing complex under construction on the site. read more →
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    Pages of the Past: Highways, sidewalks and burning planes

    April 2, 1987: The Town of Basalt commended those who had rescued a man from his burning aircraft when it crashed in Holland Hills two weeks before. “Let it be known to everyone that’s what saved my life,” Federal Express pilot Greg Dunham reportedly told Police Chief Larry Johnson when the idea of special recognition was proposed. read more →
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    RFHS principal selection prompts backlash

    Roaring Fork School District Superintendent Rob Stein announced on March 24 that he had offered the job of principal at Roaring Fork High School to Brett Stringer, who currently serves as principal at the North Middle School Health Sciences and Technology Campus in Aurora, CO. Stringer accepted the position, Stein reported in an email to the district’s staff and obtained by The Sopris Sun, and will be starting the new job on July 1 if the selection is confirmed by the school board on April 12. read more →