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    ‘Lightning Heart’ leaves a legacy in paint and memories

    Some were offered a twig of fragrant sage; others a polished stone; some received a graphite sketch of a lone conifer on a cliff’s edge; for those gathering at the annual Carbondale Mountain Fair, it was gentle words for a safe weekend; and for all, artist Fred “Lightningread more →

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    Bike Project reborn in new Third Street space

    There are many ways to reduce suffering in the world, and building bikes may be one.

    Aaron Taylor has been unwittingly carrying out The Way of Compassion’s mission statement with the Bonedale Bike Project since 2009, but now it’s official. Under the umbrella of the Carbondaleread more →

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    Peter Olenick returns home from coaching Korean ski team

    Peter Olenick, famed for being the first to land a double-flip in competitive skiing, is glad to be back in Carbondale again after a position coaching for the South Korean ski team for the 2018 Olympics. He’s been here and back again a lot, and he’s relishing theread more →

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    Proposed Red Hill Lofts to go through Planning and Zoning

    The Carbondale Planning and Zoning Commissioners will consider an affordable housing application next month, and despite the applicant’s name — Aspen Pitkin County Employee Housing Inc. — the proposed project, if approved, will be open to any Carbondale resident who meets the income qualifications.

    If thatread more →

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    Carbondale Community School looks to its roots

    “I am a virus,” is how George Stranahan has described himself to others — an agent that disrupts a system, initiating a small modification that soon multiplies. He founded Carbondale Community School with the goal of provoking change in systems of education.

    Stranahan was honored lastread more →

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    River Bridge fundraiser highlights need, celebrates successes

    Frasier — the smiley facility dog at River Bridge Regional Center — was at the groomers. He had to appear in court the next day, where he had important foot-resting duties for the child testifying.

    “Whenever a child has to testify or give a witnessread more →

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    Knaus, Roaring Fork Family Practice garner state recognition

    Longtime Carbondale doctor Gary Knaus was named Family Physician of the Year at the Colorado Academy of Family Physicians conference on April 13.

    The award annually recognizes a Colorado family physician who provides outstanding care, enhances their community and is a role model both personallyread more →

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    Local teachers rally for improved school funding

    On April 16, two Roaring Fork Valley teachers trekked to Denver, each on her own time and own dime, to join around 300 other public school teachers in delivering a message to the Colorado State Legislature: schools are underfunded and lawmakers need to ante up.

    Lisaread more →

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    Pages of the Past: Spring fire sparks evacuations along Catherine Store Road

    April 17, 2008: A small fire near the rodeo grounds spread to over 100 acres along Catherine Store Road, but was 70 percent contained by press time. A three mile radius was evacuated by reverse-911 call, affecting the Ranch at Roaring Fork, Aspen Equestrian Estates and even portions of Missouri Heights. read more →
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    ‘Mean Old Mr. Gray’ passing the baton

    Mark Gray got his nickname a couple of years into his 17-year career in music education. The day after a group of students had collapsed a table by standing on it, he arrived in his classroom at Carbondale Middle School to see a kid doing the same thingread more →