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    Opponent makes case against Crystal River designation

    While proponents seeking “wild and scenic” designation for the Crystal River believe they have a strong contingent of locals on their side, at least one Marble area resident opposes the idea and believes he will not be alone in his opposition. “They say they’ve talked to everybody along the river and they’re all for it,” said Larry Darien, a native of the Roaring Fork Valley region and long-time owner of property near Marble in Gunnison County. “But they haven’t talked to anybody in Gunnison County.” Darien said there are a number of landowners along the Crystal as it passes through Gunnison County who oppose the designation, and whom he expects will be there alongside him for a pair of meetings on June 14 at which the matter is to be publicly debated. read more →
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    Carbondale Mountain Fair announces music lineup

    Folks who plan their Mountain Fair around the Gazebo Stage music lineup can start looking ahead to the weekend of July 29-31. As usual, expect an eclectic blend of everything from world beat to cumbia, with a healthy dose of rock, blues, Americana, country and the unclassifiable. read more →
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    Nesting ospreys banking on Excel tower

    Hiding in plain sight, a pair of osprey has taken up residence on top of the Excel tower across Highway 133 from Alpine Bank. Sharp-eyed bank customers first noticed the birds building their lofty nest two or three weeks ago. By last weekend, word had spread and at least one group of viewers munched on the bank’s Saturday donuts as they watched the birds’ comings and goings. read more →
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    House fire on wheels heading to Carbondale May 26-28

    Carbondale’s firefighters will undergo a new training program this month, using what is known as the “Mobile Live-Fire Training Unit,” a large trailer that can simulate a blazing inferno in a house or other structure that lets trainees run through their paces and learn to work together. The Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District (CRFPD) training officer, Frank Nadell, explained that the mobile unit is owned by the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention & Control, created four years ago by the state legislature to take over responsibility for wildfires and other fire-related issues. The mobile unit, though, was only purchased by the division recently, Nadell said, and Carbondale is one of the first of Colorado’s 400 or so fire departments to use it in training exercises. read more →
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    Man faces prison time for alleged pot possession

    A Carbondale man arrested earlier this year in Ohio on marijuana-related charges will go to trial on May 26, and could find himself in prison for the next eight years. But the man, Kelly Harding, 48, maintains he was unaware that there was roughly 123 pounds of pot in the back of the car he was driving east on I-70 through Ohio, bound for New York State, when the car was stopped on Jan. 13 by the Ohio State Highway Patrol. And at the most recent of three hearings on the case, Harding’s attorney maintained that the traffic stop that lead to the arrest was illegal. read more →
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    Talks of Wild & Scenic for the Crystal turn serious

    A dedicated group of local activists are hoping once and for all to achieve a goal that has eluded them and others for nearly half a century — designation of a stretch of the Crystal River as a Wild & Scenic River under the 1968 National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act passed by Congress. If proponents Dorothea Farris, Bill Jochems and Chuck Ogilby are successful, the Crystal will become the second officially designated Wild & Scenic river in Colorado. The only Colorado river designated Wild & Scenic at present is the Cache La Poudre, a 126-mile stretch that rises from Poudre Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park and empties into the South Platte River near Greeley. read more →
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    Distillery gives bees a boost with rooftop hives

    Honey bees are dying the world over, prompting alarming cautionary articles about the possible destruction of the food chain and incipient devastation to human populations that depend on bees in ways most people don’t recognize. But here in Carbondale, one local business is doing something to work against what is known as the global honeybee colony collapse disorder [HCCD] by putting two hives on the rooftop of the Marble Distilling Company Luxury Inn & Lounge [or MDC for short], a small distiller of vodka and other spirits that opened up last year. read more →
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    Group proposes new farmer’s market

    A group of local food producers is working on plans to establish an afternoon-evening Wednesday farmers market in Carbondale, to complement the existing farmers market that has taken place on Wednesday mornings at the 4th Street Plaza downtown for more than a decade. read more →
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    Art Base feature’s Wewer Keohane, young curators

    The Art Base (formerly the Wyly Art Center) presents “Evolution of a Dream” by Cattle Creek artist Wewer Keohane through June 4, while at the Art Base Annex it’s “Young Curators of the Roaring Fork 2016: Generation Now” through May 21. Both shows open from 5 to 7 p.m. on May 13. “Evolution of a Dream” explores how dreams, inspired by collected ephemera, can translate into a series of artworks with a moving, underlying theme of symbolism to minimalism to abstraction, according to a press release. “Her love of paper translates into a unique body of work with graphic boldness and deep meaning,” said an Art Base spokeswoman. read more →
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    Bernot reflects on years as mayor, trustee

    Whenever outgoing Mayor Stacey Bernot talks about her reasons for leaving the job she’s held for six years (not to mention her previous decade of service, first as a member of the Carbondale Parks and Recreation Commission for four years, then six years as a trustee), her family is the most often-cited influence on her decision. “If now is the time for them to make a change,” she wrote of her family’s recent relocation to a house outside Carbondale, “I wholeheartedly and unequivocally choose them” over continued service on the town’s board of trustees. Her remarks came in an April 27 letter announcing her decision to give up the mayor’s gavel as a consequence of moving (with her family) to a newly acquired home in Redstone. read more →