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    Shindig returns to Thompson House after 125 years

    Here is how an 1889 Aspen Weekly Times article covered what might have been Carbondale’s last official “shindig.” The headline read “An Old Time Shindig,” with a “Special correspondence” byline and “Carbondale, Jan. 26” dateline. The article read: Last night the social hop given at their pleasant home by Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Holland proved to be one of the most successful social events of the season. The dancing hall was beautifully wreathed in evergreens. The entertaining couple proved to be adepts (sic). The supper was superb, with all the delicacies from home and abroad. Davis Harris’s string band furnished the music. Dancing continued until six in the morning, when breakfast was served, after which the finishing dances were had. read more →
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    Horse poop takes center stage in Redstone

    It’s the Code of the West: • Never try on another man’s hat; • Never pass anyone on the trail without saying “howdy;” • Remove your guns before sitting down at the dinner table; • Cuss all you want, but only around men, cows and horses. There are other important provisions in the unwritten Code of the West, but they broadly encourage hospitality, fair play, loyalty and respect for the land. Yep, ma’am, we all live in the west, including Redstoners, so we’re all subject to the Code of the West to one degree or the other. That’s one reason the issue of horse poop on the road (aka “road apples”) has surfaced in Redstone. read more →
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    Federal lawsuit targets cops after “shooter” drill

    A lawsuit filed in federal court on July 29 names Carbondale Police Chief Gene Schilling and police officer Michael Zimmerman, and other co-defendants, after what the plaintiff calls an “active shooter drill” at Heritage Park Care Center on Oct. 16, 2013. In her lawsuit, Carbondale resident Michelle Meeker alleges that Zimmerman took her “hostage” with a “gun” while she was on duty as a registered nurse at Heritage Park and as a result, she “has suffered and continues to suffer significant damages, including severe mental and emotional distress, as a result of Defendant’s actions, which constitute intentional, willful and wanton violation of her rights under the United States Constitution and the laws of the United States and the State of Colorado.” read more →
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    Fire board convenes Aug. 4, tax talk expected

    The Carbondale Fire Board meets in a special session on Aug. 4 to receive the final report from its Citizen Advisory Committee that among other items: • Does not recommend asking voters for a property tax hike in November; • Suggests the district consider continuing to dip into its reserve fund, dropping it from enough money to cover six months of expenses to three months; • Says the board should look at adjusting wages and benefits paid to fire district staff members. The Aug. 4 meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. at the Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District headquarters, located at the south end of town on Meadowood. read more →
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    Library district zeroing in on new strategic plan

    The Garfield County Public Library district is about half way through a strategic planning process that includes public input sessions beginning in Glenwood Springs on Aug. 5 and concluding in Carbondale on Aug. 27. The process, facilitated by JVA Consulting, is focused on creating a strategic vision and marketing plan, district director Amelia Shelley told The Sopris Sun in an e-mail. Shelley said the strategic vision and marketing plan’s goals are to “determine how we can better reach the under-served and un-served segments of our communities, improve and streamline our existing marketing efforts, optimize our online and social media presence, and generally heighten the visibility of our library services.” read more →
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    Dr. Dave’s Herbal Medicine: East meets west on Weant

    Every year, thousands of small, root-beer colored bottles holding herbal tinctures wend their way from Weant Boulevard here in Carbondale to patients and medical practitioners all across the United States. Dr. Dave’s Herbal Medicine comes in nine different remedies: Allergies Away, Super Sinus, Throat Zap, Cough Arrest, Sinus Guard, Immune Defense, an immune-boosting Mushroom Tonic, Good Night and Meno-Pause. read more →
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    Mountain Fair opens

    The El Paso, Texas-based Radio La Chusma, brought their blend of reggae and south-of-the-border music read more →
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    Mountain Fair bound

    At 89 years old, Paul Markham might be the oldest arts/crafts vendor at this weekend’s Carbondale Mountain Fair. In the summer time when the overhead door is open, passersby near Eighth and Colorado can see him inside his tidy shop creating wooden cutting boards and other wooden items, such as “T” puzzles that he warns “nine out of 10 people can’t solve,” “ring” puzzles whose solving apparently requires a less lofty IQ, novelty items, cleats for hanging clay pots on deck posts, and decorative creations like thimble-sized birdhouses affixed to long dowles that add interest to any flower bed or pot. “The ladies love them,” he said with a smile during a tour of his shop. read more →
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    Daily wildfire patrols prep before they roll

    In lightning lexicon, the strikes are called “hold-overs.” The inside of a tree can smolder for two or three days after being hit by lightning before burning all the way through to outside air. Once the fire burns through, with the right conditions, such as high wind, the fire can spread. After that, wildland firefighters can have a catastrophic blaze on their hands. “Many fires start from hold overs,” Carbondale Deputy Fire Chief Rob Goodwin told The Sopris Sun on Tuesday. Making sure those hold overs don’t flare and fuel what could become national news stories (a la the Coal Seam fire just outside Glenwood Springs a few years ago), the Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District reinstated its wildfire patrols last week, thanks funds provided by private donors. read more →
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    Stableford brings farmers to Town. (restaurant)

    Award-winning photographer Tyler Stableford is about to do something he’s never done in his 20-year career. The internationally acclaimed photographer/cinematographer lives in Carbondale with his wife, school teacher Megan Currier and two children, Annabelle and Sam. He’s lived here for 17 years and his photography studio is here. Stableford and his team — which includes Draper White, Kate Rolston and Ben Thomas — spend most of their time on commercial photography and film. “One of biggest things I’ve been doing lately is directing national TV commercials for Cabela’s,” Stableford told The Sopris Sun, adding that the entire team is actively engaged in shooting “stills” and “motion.” read more →