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    Public sounds off on fire district issues

    Ray Sauvey called the Station 81 ladder truck “a parade float.” Mike Waski said “(higher) taxes … straight out” doomed last November’s fire district mill levy ballot question. Jason Sewell said the “GQ” public doesn’t understand the services the Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District provides, then said they see fire trucks at the stations getting washed “every other day,” which they see as “big waste of resources.” And so it went on Feb. 4, as the grassroots group Who Ya Gonna Call met to discuss what went wrong with last November’s mill levy ballot question, plus “trouble shoot” for another mill levy question in November, stir interest in May’s district board elections, and generally try to figure out where the district should go next. “ … What does the community want for essential emergency services … on a budget it can afford?” group organizer Jeff Wadley said as he kicked off the forum, held at the Third Street Center. read more →
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    Tony-award winning poet performs at the Crystal

    Tony Award-winning poet/playwright Lemon Andersen makes his Carbondale debut in “Project Verse” at the Crystal Theatre at 8 p.m. on Feb. 14. Carbondale wordsmith Wade Newsom, along with a select group of local poets, will warm up the stage for Andersen. In “Project Verse,” Andersen will share stories and poetry that create a vivid portrait of his adverse yet often humorous coming-of-age experiences while growing up in Brooklyn in the ’80s and ’90s. “Andersen’s poems touch on young love, sibling rivalry, juvenile crime, addiction and, ultimately, personal triumph toward self-discovery and redemption,” said a press release. read more →
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    Study: Thompson Divide gas not economically viable

    An independent, peer-reviewed geologic and economic analysis released on Feb. 12 by the Thompson Divide Coalition finds “little to no economic viability” for the drilling of oil and gas leases currently held in the Thompson Divide, according to a press release. Among the assessment’s key findings is a conclusion that oil and gas exploration in the Thompson Divide “will likely fail… and would leave lasting visual scars on a pristine landscape” that currently supports 300 jobs and nearly $30 million in annual economic activity, according to independent economists. read more →
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    First “Fat” Friday Mardi Gras parade returns

    The following is not a typo or really bad play on words: The second annual First “Fat” Friday Mardi Gras parade rolls down Main Street at 4:30 p.m. on Feb. 7. Most folks probably understand dates (Feb. 7), times (4:30 p.m.), locations (Main Street) and know what a parade entails (in this case floats, paraders and spectators). read more →
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    Renee Maggert benefit slated

    Renee Maggert, a 27-year resident of Carbondale, first started noticing symptoms at least two years ago: fatigue when hiking or rafting, not as strong as in the past, weight loss and more. Today, she suffers from double vision and cannot drive; she has also moved in with friends because she often chokes when eating or swallowing; if her weight drops to 88 pounds she’ll have to use a feeding tube. Maggert’s COBRA insurance expired recently and she faces mountains of medical bills. To help her out, friends have organized a sweetheart dinner and dance at the Orchard from 6 to 10 p.m. on Feb. 14 (see the ad on page five for details). Kim Velasquez, who is helping to organize the event, said her kids went to school with Maggert’s. They and a few others were always at Roaring Fork High School serving and preparing food for sports teams. “But Renee was the person the coaches and teachers would call. If they needed someone to organize and get the job done, she was always eager to help,” Velasquez said. read more →
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    C&RFPD faces challenges, bikers face education push

    This is the second in a two-part Q&A article on the state of Carbondale. It leads off with questions for the Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District) read more →
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    Arizona poets to lead Youth Poetry Slam at PAC3

    If you missed the memorable poetry slams at Steve’s Guitars and Roaring Fork High School last year, take heart. The spoken-word artists who led those events are returning to the Roaring Fork Valley and will be sharing their verbal magic in the schools, on stage, and even a few times on the KDNK airwaves from Feb. 3-14. read more →
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    “Way-finding” finds it’s way into Carbondale’s lexicon

    On Jan. 27, two dozen Carbondale residents huddled around two oversized town plats, marking the town’s artistic and cultural resources. Stars and arrows quickly blossomed all over the maps, indicating music venues, theatres, gardens, architect offices, artists and crafts workers, galleries and restaurants. The occasion was a creative-zone meeting entitled “Way-Finding and Connectivity,” sponsored by the Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities (CCAH). As explained by CCAH Executive Director Amy Kimberly, the meeting was a “brainstorming session to map Carbondale’s creative resources,” and part of a process that will include applying for a grant from the state of Colorado in May. read more →
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    Carbondale officials dealing with major issues in 2014

    SUN: What’s up with the Unified Development Code (drafting a new zoning code). JANET BUCK (planning director): “We’re going full tilt into the code rewrite. You’ll see slow times and times for public comment and review. People really need to keep track of what’s going on. They can go to the UDC website ( and sign up for updates.” STACEY BERNOT (mayor): “The consultant we’re using has initiated a great Internet interface that allows people to provide their feedback. The idea is to update our land use code that’s over 30 years old, and have it dovetail nicely with our newly approved comprehensive plan. Our hope is to have it streamlined and user friendly, so that it not only reflects what the community wants but everyone knows the lay of the land before they get in there.” read more →
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    Trustees vote for compromise on CR106 request

    On Tuesday night, after extensive public input and some deliberation, the Carbondale Board of Trustees opted for a compromise in their recommendation to Garfield County on Colorado Rocky Mountain School’s application for the county to vacate the part of County Road 106 that runs through the school campus. The motion for a compromise was made by trustee Frosty Merriott, then seconded and heavily modified by trustee Allyn Harvey. The motion, which the trustees approved 4-1, states that the right-of-way should only be vacated if pedestrian access is allowed to continue through the school, or an alternative path is created along the eastern boundary of the school’s property. read more →