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    A New Path offers new road to addiction recovery

    At A New Path, an addiction-recovery support organization in Carbondale, the first sight that greeted a recent visitor was a tabletop lined with ornate gingerbread houses, of the kind one might expect to see at a Christmas bake sale. But the tiny edible structures actually are part of the ongoing support and therapy offered by A New Path, which operates out of the Third Street Center and is part of a growing trend in the addiction-recovery community nationwide. Pointing to the gingerbread houses, and a photo of a recent Christmas dinner for the clients, A New Path’s director, Stefan Bate, told The Sopris Sun during a recent interview, “We try to make a big deal out of the holidays, because holidays can be a tough time for the guys. Some of the guys told us this is the best holiday they’ve ever had.” read more →
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    Food Co-op in “transformation”, hiring new manager

    The Carbondale Community Food Co-op (or Co-op for short) is undergoing “a major transformation” aimed at boosting the store’s inventories and stabilizing the organization’s finances, while paying off old debts to vendors, according to its newsletter and a statement by the Co-op’s board of directors. The first sign of the upcoming changes, however, is the appearance of a new face in the store’s office. Long-time store manager Avtar has left, and board member Julie Edman is standing in as interim store manager while a search committee headed by board member Laurie Guevara-Stone looks for a permanent replacement. According to Guevara-Stone, Avtar left the position in mid-December, apparently in keeping with the board’s approval of a “strategic plan for growth.” read more →
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    Trustees discussing tax hikes, lighting ordinance

    The Carbondale Board of Trustees on Jan. 13 will be debating a couple of revenue-raising proposals, in the form of an energy fee that would be attached to local utility bills, and a property tax increase meant to pay for capital improvements projects and take some fiscal pressure off the town’s general operating fund. The meeting — which is a formal, regular meeting — is being held on Wednesday in keeping with the trustees’ decision late last year to change their meeting day from its historical schedule of the second and fourth Tuesday of the month, to the second and fourth Wednesday. read more →
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    Cop Shop

    From Dec. 17-23, Carbondale police officers handled 177 calls for service. During that period, officers investigated the following cases of note: read more →
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    Madame Secretary’s latest visit to Carbondale

    Madeleine Albright, who recently visited Carbondale, is the first woman to have served as U.S. Secretary of State. Nominated by President Bill Clinton in December of 1996, she was unanimously confirmed by a Senate vote of 99-0 and held the post from 1997 until 2001, the end of Clinton’s term. Prior to becoming Secretary of State, Albright served for four years as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. She currently is professor of International Relations at Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service and serves as a director on the board of the Council on Foreign Relations. read more →
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    Guest Opinion: Proposed carbon tax a bad idea for Carbondale

    I am writing these comments in response to lobbying by two overlapping non-profit environmental organizations attempting to persuade the Board of Trustees of Carbondale to adopt a “carbon tax.” The organizations are CORE (the Community Office for Resource Efficiency) headquartered in Aspen, and CLEER (Clean Energy Economy for the Region) headquartered in Carbondale. Both have special access to the town trustees through membership on the town’s environmental board. It would be nice if the everyday economic interests of Carbondale’s citizens received equal representation. read more →
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    Check it out Andy and Mollie Roache are taking their Christmas decorations one step further this year. Andy put together a light display that is sequenced to music. The nine-minute loop runs from 5 to 9:30 p.m. and folks can tune in to 95.3 FM in their vehicle or on their cell phone to dig the show, which will run through New Year’s Eve. Andy and Mollie live on Second Street, immediately south of the Methodist church. read more →
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    The year in review: What a town for a newspaper

    Sopris Sun reporters sometimes point out that Carbondale is a great town for a newspaper, because each week there is always something interesting, fun or important to write about and to photograph. For example, in just the first half of 2016 alone: • Sopris Sun readers got first-hand news about a massive April 25 earthquake and subsequent rebuilding projects in Nepal, when former local resident Hamilton Pevec began sending in dispatches and photos from that country, where he had been living with his Nepali wife, Devika, and working on a filmmaking project when the disaster occurred. • A $10,000 grant from the Kay Brunnier Tree Fund helped several organizations survey “heritage” fruit trees, some of which were planted more than 100 years ago. The overall goal for the heritage fruit tree project is to care for the trees and to harvest the fruit for local food pantries such as LIFT-UP. read more →
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    Former Wyly Art Center now The Art Base

    The Wyly Art Center has changed its name to The Art Base, according to a press release. The Art Base will provide a base of operations for artists through education, exhibitions and events that support and stimulate the vitality of the community, and foster creative expression for all ages and abilities. It’s website and logo will evolve over the next few months. The Art Base’s location has not changed. It is still located in historic downtown Basalt, serving the Roaring Fork community of artists and art enthusiasts. read more →
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    Fire district hiring in 2016

    The Carbondale Fire District goes into the new year with a considerably rosier outlook, financially speaking, than has been the case for the last couple of years, thanks to a recent tax hike approved by district voters. And a large portion of that improved outlook concerns the district's paid personnel — 18 full-time firefighters and emergency medical technicians currently, but with plans to hire three more full-time fire fighters/paramedics in 2016. The district's voters on Nov. 3 approved a tax hike that, along with increases in the assessed values of property throughout the district, is expected to generate nearly $1 million in new revenues for the coming year, according to a report on the 2016 budget by Fire Chief Ron Leach. read more →