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    Made in Carbondale: Classic, quirky furniture from Board by Design

    The playfully modern furnishings that Brad Reed Nelson crafts in his Carbondale studio are sold nationwide, and it’s easy to see why. Despite the name of his company — Board by Design — he’s clearly not! read more →
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    Residents oppose rezoning library to suit Surls museum

    When the proposal to build a museum curated by and featuring the art of sculptor James Surls goes in front of the Town Trustees on Oct. 8, it will likely face opposition from neighbors. The trustees will be deciding whether to rezone the site of the old library, on Fourth Street between Main and Garfield, from Residential/Low Density to Historic Commercial Core. read more →
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    Potato Day celebrates Carbondale’s 125th

    The 104th annual Potato Day celebrates all 125 years of Carbondale’s history, with the Tater Trot on Sept. 27 and a parade, farmer’s market, barbecue, music and more on Sept. 28. Naturally, this year’s parade theme is “Happy Birthday, Carbondale.” Service sorority Xi Gamma Tau, with about 15 members, is the primary organizer this year, according to Lisa Quint, although don’t be surprised to see members of Beta Epsilon pitching in. read more →
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    Carbondale OK’s pot licensing ordinance

    Carbondale joins 10 other Colorado municipalities after trustees approved a retail marijuana licensing ordinance 5-0 on Tuesday night. Among other provisions, the ordinance allows for up to five retail marijuana establishments to open sometime after Jan. 1, 2014. After the meeting, trustee Frosty Merriott said the board’s vote reflects the will of Carbondale’s voters. “ … 71 percent voted for Amendment 64,” Merriott told The Sopris Sun read more →
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    Dreaming big for the schools

    “There is a country where students start school at a later age ... spend less time in school per day ... have barely any homework ... are rarely tested … .” So begins a video showcasing Finland: the country whose education system consistently ranks at the top of the world by almost every measure. Portions of this video and others were screened last Monday at an event organized by Our Children, Our Schools (OCOS) — an ad hoc group of parents from local private, charter and public schools and other community members who are working to spark conversations about innovative ideas in education. read more →
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    Dance Initiative finds its space

    Dance Initiative is the realized half of Peter Gilbert’s dream. The dream’s other half is the not-yet established Carbondale Academy of Performing Arts. Gilbert’s entire vision is inching toward reality, however, after he signed a year’s lease on a 3,000-square-foot upstairs space in the industrial park (aka Foulkrod’s industrial park) immediately north of town hall.
    About 800-square-feet of the space is an existing dance studio (complete with a floor-to-ceiling wall mirror that runs the length of the room and makes it seem twice as large); it’s being called Studio C. Gilbert is turning the remaining space into a large room that he hopes will be used for groups and individuals to rehearse dance, music, theatre and other arts-related activities — maybe even the martial arts. read more →
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    H.P. Hansen talks marijuana, the hog ain’t that fat

    The advent of legal, recreational marijuana in Colorado may be a social and political watershed, but H.P. Hansen doesn’t expect an economic explosion. Hansen owns a medical marijuana dispensary in Carbondale and is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the Jan. 1 legalization of the substance across the state. But he also knows that most marijuana users — medical, recreational or whatever — already have their suppliers and the user population won’t magically multiply when the state law changes. read more →
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    UpSki in C’dale conquering mountains worldwide

    Last spring, Kevin Passmore skied up and over Mount Sopris. The trip involved some hiking, but he relied mostly on wind power to go up and gravity to come down. “There’s not much else to say other than awesome!” he enthused, writing about the 10-mile trek in his blog. Passmore is a co-owner of the company that manufactures the UpSki, a vented, 16-foot-in-diameter circular canopy that makes uphill skiing possible. read more →
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    Susy Ellison's Blog

    Carbondale teacher Susy Ellison's blog has already seen two updates since September 9, when she departed from Kodiak, Alaska on the research vessel Rainier. Ellison, a science teacher at Yampah Mountain High School, is participating in a NOAA surveying program, which aims to help understand and predict changes in the earth's environment. She was one of just 25 teachers selected from a pool of over 250 applicants. You can view her detailed coverage of her experience on board at read more →
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    Rams notch wins across the board

    Roaring Fork High School’s official Homecoming is still two weeks away, but the Rams are already proving their ability to seize the home field advantage, with all three teams picking up wins in the last week. read more →