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    On the passing of Ray Adams

    Many of us who migrate from here and there to someplace else arrive as righteous pilgrims aspiring to liberations of one sort or another. Just such a pilgrim I once met a long. long time ago in a galaxy far, far away in Nexus 81623. The pilgrim’s name was Ray Adams. read more →
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    Trustees ask RFTA to sideline circulator until 2014

    Prompted by complaints from a bus rider, the town trustees voted 4-3 on Tuesday night to ask RFTA to delay its Carbondale circulator bus until 2014. Joanne Teeple told the trustees Tuesday night she was “disgruntled” and “disgusted” over the new circulator route, which RFTA will implement on Dec. 14, and that other riders are “fairly apoplectic.” read more →
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    Light Up Carbondale closes out First Fridays 2013

    It takes six miles of wire, 682 rolls/strands and 30,000 individual lights to officially light up Carbondale. Throw in privately owned lights and what do you get? Light Up Carbondale, as the 2013 First Friday close out on Dec. 6. read more →
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    RFHS reverses trend: enrollment at all-time high

    With the October count tallied and reviewed, enrollment at Roaring Fork High School is at an all time high of 335 students, according to school district officials. That’s up 8 percent from last year and up 17 percent from the decade low of 290 in 2011-12. It also marks the first time since 2007 that the incoming class at the high school exceed the combined exiting classes of Carbondale Middle and Carbondale Community School. The figures suggest the school might be regaining momentum as a choice for students and their parents, and also has immediate implications for academic funding. read more →
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    Coredination moves to Bridges, triples its space

    When Anthony and Alexandra Jerkunica opened Coredination: A Movement Studio in Carbondale in 2004, they introduced the Roaring Fork Valley to a new approach of offering pilates, yoga and ballet instruction under one roof. “The three (disciplines) compliment and support each other,” Alexandra told The Sopris Sun. The husband/wife team expanded to the Third Street Center three years ago and have now moved to the Bridges Center on Sopris Avenue. “We’re in the west wing and we’ve tripled our space.” read more →
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    TAC FIT: A Basalt gym with a higher purpose

    The Aspen Clinic CEO, Amanda Wagner, joined forces with elite personal trainer, Megan Reilly, to form TAC FIT, a gym with a higher purpose located on East Valley Road in Basalt. The gym in itself is sensational. But what separates it from the rest is both its unique curriculum and its caring personnel. read more →
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    (Re)made in C’dale: Distinguished Boards & Beams

    America’s history — tons of it — rests in the Distinguished Boards and Beams lumberyard. The timber here comes from old factories and barns all across the United States, a few dating back to before there was a United States. “Right now we have wood from a 1775 Kentucky chestnut cabin and a barn built in 1890 in Michigan,” DB&B owner Robbie Williams told The Sopris Sun. “We took those buildings down ourselves and numbered all the boards, so they can be put back up again.” The barn was huge: 40-by-70 feet with a roof peak 48 feet high. The trees harvested to build it were at least 100 years old, so they began their lives around the time when Peter the Great was crowned Czar of Russia. read more →
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    John and Arlette celebrate 70 years

    Lucky for John Lawyer: The U.S. Navy sent him to Brazil for his World War II service in Naval intelligence. John and Arlette Ondine Carrijo Cord’homme later met at a Carnival party in Santos, Brazil in 1943. The most popular new song was “My Love is a Bald Head.” Due to a teenage bout with scarlet fever, John had lost his hair and was the only young bald head there for people to dance around while they sang. More dances, dinners and flowers followed. John and Arlette married on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 25, 1943 right after Arlette took her final exam in dental surgery that morning. They rode bikes on their weekend honeymoon at Guaruja Beach. read more →
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    Red Hill: An outdoor amenity years in the making

    The 3,000 acres of public land known as Red Hill contains 14.5-miles of established trail for Carbondale area residents to explore, and to play, get fit and reflect in. Like it or not, there’s a reason Carbondale continues to get named in magazines as one of the nation’s coolest towns. The chamber of commerce’s “Basecamp for Adventure” moniker reflects what makes this little slice of heaven special, and Red Hill is a signature piece of the recreational draw. read more →
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    Clay Center launches $45K fund-raising campaign

    An anonymous donor has pledged up to $45,000 in matching funds to the Carbondale Clay Center so the non-profit can pay off a $90,000 loan and concentrate on looking ahead. “We’re excited (about the campaign) … so our future can start,” said Carbondale Clay Center Executive Director Jill Oberman. “It’s hard to go to donors … apply for grants … raise money for building improvements when we’re saddled with debt.” read more →