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    Cool, clear water

    Column by Nicolette Toussaint 

    In the absence of anything like a crystal ball, most of us expect some version of the lives we have experienced so far to continue into the future.

    The town survey I recently filled out is a case-in-point. The survey is intended

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    Mature Content: My next-to-last

    By Niki Delson

    Imagine watching a scene in a movie that takes place on the picturesque white chalk cliffs of East Sussex, England. Near the edge of the cliff stands Grace, a deeply-depressed, self-absorbed woman who has recently learned that her husband of 29-years is divorcing her and

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    The Fork that Roared: Sunchoke delight

    By George Bohmfalk

    Several years ago, I wrote a monthly column for The Sun about food. That ended for various reasons, but I have a selfish interest in writing this one. It’s also a generous reason, as I hope to introduce some of you to a delightful new

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    Beauty and the bobbleheads

    I wrote this article for the Valley Journal fifteen years ago (reprinted here with a few nips and tucks). While it is from my early years as a columnist, and slightly more judgmental/immature than I would like to remember being, it’s still surprisingly relevant. I find people whoread more →

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    News Analysis: It was as easy as 9-6-3

    If I’m ever offered a phone call from memory, I’ll be able to reach my parents, order takeout or check the price on a new Tacoma.

    It helps that, as Jeanne Souldern observed in her 2019 analysis “When Caller ID tells all”, there was aread more →

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    More than just a paper

    By Todd Chamberlin

    Two years ago this week I joined The Sopris Sun staff as a part-time ad salesman. When I started, I was in the midst of the darkest days of my life. In the months leading up to my hiring, I was having seizuresread more →

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    Looking back to when water was plentiful

    By Dave Marston

    During his 50 years in rural western Colorado, Jamie Jacobson has seen a lot of flooding. While caretaking a farm in 1974, Jacobson watched three acres of its riverfront float away. More recently, it’s been drought, and then worse drought.

    Jacobson farms on Lamborn Mesa,…

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    Mature Content: Dreaming wasn’t enough

    This is the third column in CAFCI’s series about racism. Two months ago, Ron Kokish wrote about how racism affected his family and the iconic nature of Michael Francisco’s Xmas Eve arrest. Last month, Jon Riger told us about racism among fish. This month Bella Fabella, a retiredread more →

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    How is a living world story sustained?

    Watershed elders in conversation

    By Will Evans

    Special to The Sopris Sun

    Roger Brown was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1935. He grew up in the town of Swampscott, attended Dartmouth College and moved west shortly after graduation. He has lived in Eagle County,

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    Ps & Qs: Death is like a piñata

    On Nov. 1, 1955, a young boy was riding his bike home in Denver, Colorado. He blew through a stop sign and crossed the street in front of a bus that was stopped at the bus stop. He was struck by a car passing the bus in theread more →

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