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    Branching Out: The heady high of hens

    So, COVID has you contemplating chickens? Homebound, several of our friends have taken on a flock and it’s been fun to watch their affection blossom. It was a big step; hens live from five to ten years, so there’s little room for impulsiveness. Still interested? Read on andread more →

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    Esquina Legal: Cambiando la Ley de Extorsión en Colorado

    Por Tony Mendez

    La semana pasada, gracias al liderazgo de Dylan Roberts, el representante de los condados de Eagle y Routt, Kerry Tipper de Lakewood, y los senadores John Cooke y Robert Rodriguez, la Assemblea General de Colorado aprobó el proyecto de ley 21-1057 acerca de la prohibición… read more →

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    Medicine for my mind

    In honor of May as Mental Health Month, The Sopris Sun is running a series of personal columns by regular contributors.

    Mental health is an inextricable part of the human experience. If one’s psychological well-being goes unchecked, it can lead to depression and conflict –read more →

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    Overcoming long-hauler symptoms

    I’m back. Did you miss me? I’ve been laying low recovering from long-haul COVID and certainly lacking any creative mojo. I read my last column in quarantine, while eating soup I could not taste or smell, extremely anxious about being sick with the virus. I suppose I had every… read more →

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    Otra Perspectiva: Tributo para mi madre

    Por Crystal Mariscal

    Con una chancla en una mano, en la otra mano el cucharón y en su boca una constante plegaria hacia el cielo.

    La chancla para prevenir y corregir las desobediencias, el cucharón para menear el contenido de la olla, de la cual

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    The Bread War: Carbondale on the frontline

    2021 sure seems to be a year of big change. New habits (and buildings!) are cropping up faster than the tulips, as we all try to figure out how to cope with our new normal. Between learning how to bake bread, entertaining ourselves at home and cutting out the… read more →

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    In-person First Fridays return May 7

    By Andrea Stewart

    The community spirit of Carbondale abounds for First Fridays monthly celebrations. This Carbondale Chamber of Commerce event was originally founded by Carbondale Arts as a means to drive the arts-based economy and has since spun into one of our best-loved traditions on the community calendar.

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    Al no artista: La representación en el arte

    Por Vanessa Porras

    Yo conocí a Frida cuando tenía apenas ocho añitos en el salón de clase de Ms. Gilberti. La conoci atravez de un libro. Era uno de los únicos, o tal vez el único, libro en español en mi salón. Tome refugio en elread more →

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    Seeking Higher Ground: Knocking skeletons out of the family closet

    What’s in a name? In my case, irony.

    In 1987, in a fit of feminist righteousness, I changed my surname to Toussaint. I was filing for my third divorce and tired of name changes. Having chaired a “women’s own name task force” a decade earlier, Iread more →

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    To persons reluctant to vaccinate ...

    By George Bohmfalk

    I am a retired neurosurgeon. Like over 95% of physicians, I received a vaccine against COVID-19 as soon as I could. I had only a very brief reaction, feeling tired and a little sore for about 24 hours. Now I feel very safe and secure…

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