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    Getting the most out of an exchange

    “Isn’t your life already too busy to host an exchange student?” is a question we heard over and over.

    I don’t know? Aren’t all our lives eternally busy in some form or another?  But our dedication to raise two boys to be globally awareread more →

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    A daunting place to be deaf

    Thunder River Theatre’s latest play made me writhe, because it’s the story of my life. Or darn close to it.

    “Tribes” is about a deaf child born into a hearing family. During the first scene, the family carries on a fractious, backbiting argument, replete with outsized,read more →

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    WTF? Have aliens hired Congress to prank us?

    The world seems so whacked right now.

    And yet, every day I wake up, go to work, walk the dogs, and check my inbox — only to get distracted by amazing deals on leggings… remember when we wore real pants? Remember when our president knew how government worked?… read more →

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    Town Report

    Looking for a summer job? The Town of Carbondale has several positions open in different departments, including parks maintenance workers (one of which is a full-time position), lifeguards and swim instructors, recreation assistants, recreation center climbing instructors and seasonal vegetation managers, according to the latest report from Town Manager Jay… read more →

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    Pages of the Past

    From the archives of the Roaring Fork Valley Journal and The Sopris Sun

    May 31, 1979

    The cover of this week’s edition of The Valley Journal showed a front-on image of a horse and rider jumping over an assembly of old wooden cable spools, with the cutline declaring, “Equestriennes from… read more →

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    Night at the Castle

    The Sopris Sun would like to remind those interested that two overnight suites are still available for the night of our Aug. 12 fundraiser featuring pianist John Robin Sutherland, former principal pianist for the San Francisco Symphony. The cost of the suites is $1,000 (half of… read more →

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    Point - Counterpoint

    I’m an introvert, and so are you

    By Will Grandbois
    Sopris Sun Staff


    It seems to be in vogue to be introverted, but I’m not sure it’s quite that simple.

    My suspicions were first aroused my senior year of high school, when I invited one of the… read more →

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    Mutt & Jeff: Metafizzle moments

    Back in the ‘60s, I lived on a cramped back porch on The Hill in Boulder.

    Two mattresses were jammed side by side — one for my high school buddy, Milo, and one for me. At the end of the mattresses was a hotplate toread more →

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    Seeking Higher Ground: It’s love on a stick!

    On my way to Denver for the weekend, my last stop was the Little Free Library on Eighth Street.

    I don’t know how long it’s been there. I noticed when I was helping members of my congregation purchase a parsonage on Cleveland Place. At first I thought it… read more →

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    The opposite extremes of Uber experience

    I have ordered an uber ride twice in my life, and I believe I’ve experienced the spectrum of Uber.

    The first time, I needed a ride from downtown Denver to Longmont (approximately 40 miles) and I became fast friends with the woman who gave meread more →