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    Bits & Pieces: Taking one for the team

    I’m a bad soccer mom.

    I don’t know all the rules of the game. I get the game schedule conflicted with my work schedule or previous family commitments. And, yes, there are times I dread spending a large chunk of my day — or worse, aread more →

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    Ps&Qs: The hamster-led, pumpkin spiced revolution

    Fall is a wonderful season.

    That nearly-dead-but-not-yet feeling of: warm days and cool nights, beautiful tapestries on the mountainside, and the pumpkin spiced deluge whenever we leave the house. Americans are extremely busy this fall; there’s barely time to stop and smell the rotting roseread more →

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    Apples of the Earth

    Ah, Potato Day! There’s something in the spud to think about.

    Fred Geis used to play a tune on the radio: “You’re My Little Potato.” Fred, a fellow poet, wrote a poem extolling Anne Holden, who always wore her hair pulled up in a more →

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    Seeking Higher Ground: Dangerous days for journalism

    Asked to choose “whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government,” Thomas Jefferson stated, “I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”

    Today, Jefferson wouldn’t have that choice; due to economics, electronic media and the internet, newspapers faceread more →

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    That’s just, like, your opinion

    As a reader-supported nonprofit newspaper, The Sopris Sun makes a special effort to provide a public platform for the full breadth of experience and opinion in our community.

    We publish the vast majority of letters to the editor and guest columns we receive, but dueread more →

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    Ps & Qs: A weekend with my Uncle Chas

    They say, “if you’re lucky enough to be Irish, you’re lucky enough.”

    My mother’s family, the Moores, are Irish. And that’s exactly how I feel about my uncle Charlie; if you’re lucky enough to know him, you’re lucky enough. He has always been there forread more →

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    Mutt & Jeff: Nimbyism — a great American tradition?

    Two recent occasions sparked my interest in the subject of nimbyism.

    First was a letter to the editor of a valley newspaper written by no less than a former Aspen mayor decrying the attitude of Crystal Valley residents who oppose the proposed bike path throughread more →

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    Bits & Pieces: So long, summer

    Summer vacation is a sneaky little devil. Like a Catholic schoolgirl, the first few weeks of summer break seem so sweet and innocent, but, as you all know, things aren’t always as they seem.

    In May I spent way too much time putting together the puzzleread more →

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    Seeking Higher Ground: A secondhand rose in a great, green town

    When Barbra Streisand sang about being a secondhand rose in Funny Girl, she sounded a little blue.

    But I think it’s something to celebrate, and Carbondale’s clutch of secondhand stores make it easy to do.

    My affection for recycled goods predates my liferead more →

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    Mutt & Jeff: Remembering Dick Sparks and Milo

    This morning we bicycled past a handsome old cabin in Carbondale festooned with an American flag.

    It reminded me of a “cabin” in Boulder — a dilapidated garage, really — where my friend Dick Sparks used to live. He was a music fanatic who ownedread more →