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    The Thomas Lawley legacy

    Poem by Paula Lawley

    Wife of the late Thomas Lawley

    (Mountain Fair Director 1986-2003)


    A happy smile, a twinkle in his eye

    An easy laugh, he was dubbed “Mr. Nice Guy”

    Who loved his job promoting the arts

    Plus concerts,…

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    ¿De dónde viene la creatividad?

    Por Vanessa Porras

    Hace apenas unos días, me tope con dos situaciones similares pero muy distintas. Eran dos clases de arte en las cuales intentábamos integrar la naturaleza y el arte. Una de esas clases era para adultos y la otra para niños de cuatro a cinco años.

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    Mature Content: My next-to-last

    By Niki Delson

    Imagine watching a scene in a movie that takes place on the picturesque white chalk cliffs of East Sussex, England. Near the edge of the cliff stands Grace, a deeply-depressed, self-absorbed woman who has recently learned that her husband of 29-years is divorcing her and

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    A bold, regenerative future

    We recently received a letter here at The Sun “regarding Carbondale’s lack of color and appeal.” As a landscape designer, a 14-year garden and nature columnist, and with a decade-and-a-half on town committees and volunteer efforts, I was offered the opportunity to respond.

    I chuckled andread more →

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    Colorado redistricting process is underway

    By Jacqueline Argueta Nevarez

    Voces Unidas de las Montañas

    En español

    It is likely that you have been hearing more about Colorado’s redistricting process in the past few months. The once a decade redistricting process, which determines the boundaries for both congressional and state legislative… read more →

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    Colesterol: demasiado es perjudicial

    Por Maria Judith Alvarez Quiroz

    El colesterol es importante en la formación de ácidos biliares, hormonas esteroides y es un componente en las membranas de la célula.

    Es sintetizado en células de todo el cuerpo, pero principalmente en las del hígado. Y también loread more →

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    The Fork that Roared: Sunchoke delight

    By George Bohmfalk

    Several years ago, I wrote a monthly column for The Sun about food. That ended for various reasons, but I have a selfish interest in writing this one. It’s also a generous reason, as I hope to introduce some of you to a delightful new

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    Trail Notes - July 8, 2021

    By Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers

    Trail Knowhow

    Drones or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are fully prohibited from launching, landing or being operated within all designated wilderness areas within the United States. Beyond serving as a source of noise pollution that can disrupt the experiences of otherread more →

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    Accountability counts

    By James Steindler

    In last week’s print edition of The Sopris Sun, I misquoted Mayor Dan Richardson in a News Analysis regarding the town’s response to the Christmas Eve incident and, more specifically, the community forum which took place on Tuesday, June 29.   


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    Beauty and the bobbleheads

    I wrote this article for the Valley Journal fifteen years ago (reprinted here with a few nips and tucks). While it is from my early years as a columnist, and slightly more judgmental/immature than I would like to remember being, it’s still surprisingly relevant. I find people whoread more →

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