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    Yes on 4B

    Dear Editor: Affordable higher education is a service essential to the lives of many young Americans like me, and to the economy; local and as a whole. read more →
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    Outstanding local business

    Dear Editor: There is a time and a season for all things and it’s time to recognize a long-time local business. read more →
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    Employing people with autism is good business

    Dear Editor: October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and Ascendigo Autism Services in Carbondale would like to draw attention to a very serious but often overlooked economic disparity that affects us all. read more →
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    Save the aesthetics of the Crystal River Valley

    Dear Editor: I’m deeply concerned about the Open Space and Trails proposed trail through the Crystal River Valley. It has been my home for thirty years and I still thrill at its beauty as I drive Highway 133. read more →
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    Crystal Trail has potential

    Dear Editor: One of my favorite things to do is to ride a bicycle through beautiful places. read more →
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    None of the above on Crystal Trail

    Dear Editor: Pitco OST has been soliciting opinion for months about the preferred alignment of the proposed bike path in the Crystal Valley. read more →
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    Divest Wells Fargo

    Dear Editor: Garfield County and the Town of Carbondale bank with Wells Fargo. read more →
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    Crystal Trail benefits outweigh the risks

    Dear Editor: As a Redstone resident and member of the Crystal River Caucus, I respect Delia Malone’s scientific credentials, viewpoints and passion, and share her concerns about the welfare of wildlife and vegetation in our valley. read more →
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    Vote yes

    Dear Editor: I will vote yes for Garfield County’s November 7, ballot issue 1A, a property tax that will contribute to the support of our valley’s six community museums. read more →
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    Fielder for 4B

    Dear Editor: I support Colorado Mountain College’s Measure 4B. The results of the November, 2016 elections were influenced by working class Americans who feel left behind by our modern economy read more →