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    Letters - January 21, 2021

    A Love Letter to the Sopris Shopping Center
    When I came back to teach at CRMS in ’70, we had to drive to Glenwood to Safeway to shop for “fresh’’ food. After I stopped teaching in ‘72, I bought a house on the Crystal and I believe… read more →

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    Letters, January 14, 2021

    A humanitarian solution
    As a pediatrician who has been taking care of children and families for 40 years, I have been able to witness advances in medicine that improve the lives of individuals and strengthen our communities. Of all the ways I have helped my patients, I… read more →

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    Letters - January 7, 2021

    Thanks Sopris Sun

    Thanks to all the writers and staff and, of course, the editor. 2020 saw more small-town papers stop publication than any other year in American history. Your supporters are the best in the world to keep your press running and thriving on ideas of how to stay… read more →

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    Colby letter reply


    In his letter last week, Ed Colby says he wants Garco commissioners to persuade all the businesses that aren’t mask compliant to mend their ways. You see, Ed says John, Tom and Mike already know who the mask scorers are:… read more →

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    Be aware of the risks

    Dear Carbondale Community:

    As we enter the Fourth of July Holiday weekend, we each must acknowledge the sobering reality that COVID-19 is on the rise in our community. It’s critical we stay alert and don’t become complacent about the public health practices that have proven toread more →

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    An open letter to the ‘reverse looter’

    The other day I found an envelope on the street. On it is written “To Business, Reverse Looting, Love Carbondale.” Inside is $40. 

    I invite the people behind that envelope to reflect on these questions: Are you trying to set Carbondale apart from other parts ofread more →

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    A letter from abroad

    Dear Carbondale:

    I’m in Antwerp, Belgium. 

    It’s been a helluva place: culture and arts, a sweet little river with a bike path, pubs loaded with blonds and tripels. If I shut my eyes while I sip that golden, liquid courage, I can almost imagineread more →

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    A letter from the Mayor

    Dear Carbondale Community:
    The State of Colorado made important and necessary decisions to limit the spread of COVID-19 by enacting a stay-at-home Executive Order, which has and will continue to significantly impact our economy. The Town of Carbondale stands with the members of our community who are impacted… read more →

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    Letter: Declare a moratorium on eviction proceedings

    The COVID-19 pandemic is causing widespread disruption in our community and threatens our economic, physical, and mental health. Many organizations are stepping up to support our community. However, there is much fear and uncertainty and the last thing families need to be concerned about is the possibility of eviction or… read more →

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    RFSD needs a leader like Jasmin Ramirez

    Dear Editor:

    Since I announced my US Senate candidacy, I have been traveling across our beautiful state of Colorado meeting & listening to many fantastic Coloradans. On one of my several trips to the Western Slope, I met Jasmin Ramirez who is running for the Roaring Fork School Board (RFSD),… read more →

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