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    An open letter to our community and the Pitkin County BOCC Regarding the Crystal River to Crested Butte Bike Trail


    Temporary Address:

    Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners
    123read more →

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    Our post office

    Dear Editor:

    It’s not the Pony Express anymore at the Carbondale PO but there is a Wild Horse Race behind the counter.

    Whoa! it is actually a copy of a mural done by Redstone Artist Frank Mechau, a native of Glenwood commissioned byread more →

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    Fire diary from a startled artist

    Dear Editor:

    (Editor’s note: This statement was written the day the Lake Christine fire turned very threatening to the communities of Basalt and El Jebel.)

    The Fire is a (expletive) beast. Just huge and totally out of control. Watched it yesterday move away fromread more →

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    A sneaky move by the BLM

    Dear Editor:

    I read with great dismay in last Friday’s Post Independent that the BLM wants to abandon their offices in Garfield County and “move” to Grand Junction.

    Although I can see there are monetary savings if the BLM offices are consolidated intoread more →

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    Organic options

    Dear Editor:

    I, for one, don’t care for Roundup in my food. Roundup is the herbicide that has inspired over 300 lawsuits citing medical evidence it causes cancer.

    Roundup is made by Monsanto, the same company that manufactured Agent Orange. Does Monsanto have toread more →

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    Weigh in on the Crystal Trail

    Dear Editor:

    Due to a 2.5 percent response on a first survey, Pitkin County OST has designed a second survey and the time is now to have your opinion considered regarding the proposal to build a trail up the Crystal!  You do not need toread more →

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    Foxes, chickens and ground squirrels

    Dear Editor:

    People who raise chickens don’t like foxes because they raid chicken houses and kill chickens.

    I understand that. But trapping, shooting or poisoning foxes is not the best way to prevent chickens from being preyed upon by foxes.

    White Hillread more →

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    Keep on dancing

    Dear Editor:

    “A 12 hour dance marathon? Are you crazy?”

    This was the most common reaction I received as I spread the word about Dance Valley Dance, a fundraiser benefiting Stepping Stones and Aspen Youth Center, that took place at the Carbondale Recreationread more →

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    Goodbye my Shaman

    Dear Editor:

    I’ve lost my Shaman – and a good friend. Muralist Fred Huberlein left us Monday morning. Who will show me the way of knowledge now?

      A student and advocate of Yaqui, Anasazi, and other indigenous cultures and theologies, Fred’s deity wasread more →

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    Coloring in colorful Colorado

    Dear Editor:

    I’ve got about a ton of thank-yous to get out about the success of my art show at the HANDMAKERY this past week.

    First, I thank my beautiful and loving wife Elsie (aka “Granny”) for her support, advice and input onread more →