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    Steve turns 25

    Dear Editor:

    Steve’s Guitars usually offers one act and starts at 8:30 p.m. on Friday. Their 25th anniversary show on Saturday, Nov. 17 featured five acts and began at 7 p.m. Appropriately, the performers were all locals with strong ties to the venue.

    Valleread more →

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    End U.S. complicity in Yemen’s war

    Dear Editor:

    The people of Yemen are witnessing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

    Thousands have been killed since 2015, millions have been displaced, and the country is projected to face the worst famine in 100 years if airstrikes by theread more →

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    Letters: PitCo 1A

    Healthy Community Fund makes a difference
    Dear Editor:
    I am writing to express my support for Question 1A to renew the Healthy Community Fund, and illustrate the value of the fund with my professional and personal experience.
    Over the years, I have worked with many of… read more →

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    Letters: 7D

    7D a non-partison no-brainer
    Dear Editor:
    As a new member of the Foundation Board of Colorado Mountain College, I continue to be impressed with the school’s leadership and the opportunities our local college provides the students and citizens of Garfield County and the Western Slope.
    They include… read more →

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    Letters: Proposition 110

    RFTA serves many
    Dear Editor:
    This letter is in response to Bruno Kirchenwitz’s letter about RFTA being for the Aspen rich. This is about as far away from reality as a person can get, and is probably written by someone who never rides the bus.
    As a… read more →

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    Letters: GarCo Commissioner

    Respect others
    Dear Editor:
    As I was leaving the grocery store parking lot, I noticed that my bumper sticker in support of Garfield County Commissioner Tom Jankovsky’s re-election was missing.
    I was then notified that several other signs have been stolen. My first question was why? Why… read more →

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    Letters: 7A & 7B

    Support Carbondale Fire
    Dear Editor:
    Please vote yes on ballot issue #7B and #7C.
    The Carbondale Fire District protects our properties from fire and provides advanced level ambulance service to our community.
    Led by Fire Chief Rob Goodwin, the highly trained and dedicated firefighters and… read more →

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    Letter: Dread reckoning

    Dear Editor:

    Lurking in shadows
    Drifters, grifters, shapeshifters
    Fear All Hallow’s Eve

    JM Jesse
    Glenwood Springs… read more →

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    Letter: Stop calling me

    Dear Editor:

    Everyone and his brother and your sister is currently writing asking for my vote for Jared, for Walker, for Scott, for Diane, and for and against a host of issues.

    Is there any chance that someone or some group has clue aboutread more →

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    An open letter to our community and the Pitkin County BOCC Regarding the Crystal River to Crested Butte Bike Trail


    Temporary Address:

    Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners
    123read more →