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    Seeking Higher Ground: The New Deep Throat is a Park Ranger?

    During the election, as “fake news” (i.e. propaganda) flew from both the left and the right, I had several conversations with other local journalists about where they get their news and made some personal adjustments and resolutions. read more →
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    Insults win the presidency

    Dear Editor: Hearing the democrats stretching to understand what they did so wrong that Trump got elected, I remember Jeb Bush inadvertently exposing Don’s strategy. He told Trump that he could not insult his way to the presidency. Trump smiled, looked up, then left and right in an un-worded reply of ‘we’ll see’. read more →
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    More to tax than oil

    Dear Editor: The thought that Garfield County is sending money to a Texas concern to promote the oil and gas industry while closing down our libraries for lack of funds sickens me. Libraries are essential to any community. What price do you put on the public’s access to knowledge? read more →
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    What it’s like to be a feminist in the Year of the Cock

    It’s 2017, the Chinese Year of the Cock, and the ERA still has not been ratified (written by Alice Paul in 1923, passed by Congress in 1972, still not ratified by the required minimum of 38 states to become part of our constitution). Some say it’s not necessary because women already have the right to vote, but this is about more than voting. read more →
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    The Trump gap

    Dear Editor: Kellyanne Conway, Trumps hypnotic surrogate, was asked if, now that Trump will be our president, will his tweets become more factual. Kellyanne answered that, “to Trump’s supporters there are no facts. What Trump says is a fact. What the media says is a lie.” read more →
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    Susy's Blog

    Check out Susy Ellison's Blog at: read more →