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    We are still here!

    Amid the uncertainty of closures and cancellations on March 19, I fear I cast doubt on the future of The Sopris Sun by suggesting that we might temporarily suspend our print edition.

    It was, and still is, on the table. If we had any reason toread more →

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    A local’s diary of the Spanish Flu

    By Eleanor Clagett Reed
    Courtesy of Shelle DeBeque

    During our fifth year, in the late summer and fall of 1918, the Spanish Influenza swept into Western Colorado on its devastating march across the continent. 

    Carbondale’s only doctor had been drafted intoread more →

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    Taking the confusion out of how to plan your last wishes

    Full disclosure: I started writing and researching this piece well over a month ago, before Covid-19 had taken hold. At the time, it seemed like a good idea to shelve any talk of end-of-life decisions. Now, in a world where so much seems out of our control, itread more →

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    If the City Market aisles could talk

    The Ides of March, 2020, will be a date long remembered in Carbondale lore.  After that fateful day, the town would never be the same. 

    COVID-19 has hit America hard – from two deaths at a Seattle nursing home on Jan. 26 – to 2,597 deathsread more →

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    Hello from Ohio!

    Life has always been the little things, and in times of crisis, when those little things get taken away, we realize how important their cumulative effect was. 

    It was only three weeks ago that I was in Olive Garden with most of my family to celebrateread more →

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    How I became the first person in Garfield County to test positive for COVID-19

    Editor’s note: The Sopris Sun has been in touch with this woman since early last week, but opted not to publicize anything until the test results come back. We’re still not releasing her identity due to the sensitive nature of the diagnosis. 

    When I woke up on Sunday,read more →

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    News Analysis: Precinct caucuses on March 7 offer grassroots participation

    We completed voting in the presidential primary this week, but did you know we still have precinct caucuses?

    Caucuses take place every two years and are a function of Colorado’s Democratic and Republican parties. Democratic and Republican party caucuses will be held, across Colorado, on Saturday, Marchread more →

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    Review: Love and obsession in ‘View from the Bridge’

    It’s tough enough being immigrants in the 1950s in New York City, much less an Italian immigrant family fighting for the good life. Add in complicated and troubling romantic entanglements and you have a recipe for disaster — and tragedy — in this latest Thunder River Theatre Companyread more →

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    Sun Signs: Anatomy of a Retrograde

    By now, most people have heard of Mercury retrograde.

    It is one facet of astrology that has made its way into the mainstream. Mercury retrograde is known for complicating travel plans, confusing communication, messing up technology, and eliciting all sorts of frustrating shenanigans when you areread more →

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    My personal recycling adventure

    1970: Eugene, Oregon — glass only. We took our children to a warehouse, remains of which were concrete walls. The town provided goggles. We could fling glass bottles and jars against the wall and the town eventually picked up the broken glass. What fun!

    Late ‘80s: Carbondale —… read more →