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    Branching Out: What those hunting photos say

    A conversation has opened within hunting as more people of infinite diversity have entered its sacred realm: What is an appropriate photograph when we “fill our tags?” “Bag” our animal? Secure clean food in fair chase for our families?

    A thousand words cannot capture the momentsread more →

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    The circle of Carbondale

    Back in 2006, one of my first jobs was with Uncle Pizza in Carbondale. Sometimes, when delivering a pie, I’d be anxious about encountering a drunk bantering patron at their front door. Had I known the risk associated with the service industry today, such stresses would have seemedread more →

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    It’s not enough not to be racist

    Hi, my name is Dan Richardson and I have been supporting racism for most of my life. 

    To be clear, it was not my intention to do this, but this statement is my way of owning my part in it. Unfortunately I can’t plead ignorance becauseread more →

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    Bursting the white bubble; raising the white shield

    About a week ago, a local lady, Marlene, asked online: “If I may, I have a question for anyone with a workable answer? Those Black people who have attained some degree of education, wealth, influence… Why don’t they organize, reach out to their fellow man…?”

    Myread more →

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    Let’s take a deep breath and figure it out together

    Some old timers that like to chide me for being an environmentalist used to call me a “deep breather.” 

    Given the difficult times these days, taking a few good deep breaths every morning has come in handy. With the onslaught of news, conflict and raw emotionsread more →

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    Did corona pay a visit? Well, maybe

    I’m a healthy guy; almost never get sick. It’s pretty much been like that since getting my tonsils out decades ago. Oh, I had the childhood diseases one got back before modern vaccines — measles, chicken pox — and occasionally I’ve been knocked out by some kind ofread more →

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    Let’s race towards each other

    A few weeks ago I asked to take a step back from COVID-19 writing. 

    As I’m sure you can imagine, every article that I’ve written since the start of March has had an element of the pandemic woven into it — understandably so. For months, COVID-19read more →

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    To the class of 2020: I hope we are not forgotten

    After four years, last Friday I graduated from Colorado Mountain College with my A.A.S. in professional photography. It has been a long journey starting with taking night classes while still teaching elementary school fulltime and ending with one final Zoom critique at my kitchen table. 

    Iread more →

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    Branching Out: Let’s seize the moment to help the planet

    As I write this, I am pulling my head up from a miasma of research. I don’t like data, or black and white — things without wiggle room or a fudge-factor paralyze me. Gray areas are usually my comfort zone. And I don’t like professional jargon; it intimidatesread more →

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    A century’s worth

    On May 14, my uncle turned 100. That sort of takes my breath away.. 

    Dr. Morris Ossias is my late mother’s youngest brother born as the Roaring ‘20s was just getting underway, and the Great Depression was a looming unknown out in the misty future. 

    read more →

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