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    An intriguing integration of Bauhaus forms

    “Bauhaus Seen” is a cohesive, inspiring look at the influences of modernism and the Bauhaus movement. Running from now until July 5, the  exhibit is at the R2 Gallery in the Launchpad (76 S. Fourth St.). The exhibit perfectly captures the essence of the Bauhaus movement. read more →

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    Does it matter? You get to decide.

    This is a love story of sorts. About this great town and what an example it is of how — when people, organizations, businesses, and government institutions work together — amazing things can, will… and do happen.

    Take this paper you are holding in your handsread more →

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    $5 a day keeps the college loan sharks away

    Chances are, if you’re one of the proud parents of a recent graduate, this piece is not for you. My hope is that you’ve already completed your child’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and your family is excited for what’s ahead.

    But if you’re a parent… read more →

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    Help The Sun rise through the Summer Solstice

    In this edition of The Sopris Sun, we kick off our Spring 2019 fundraising campaign in the midst of celebrating our 10th year of providing news, views and other information about Carbondale — the town where we rose out of the ashes of the old Valley Journal to keep… read more →

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    Mexicans don't ski?

    I don’t know about you,  but I’m still buzzing with fuzzy good feelings days and days after attending the 5Point Film Festival. One film that caught my attention this year was The Brotherhood of Skiing, a film about an organization of black skiers that started in 1973.… read more →

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    Nature on edge in side-by-side Martin, Gurley exhibits

    Robert Martin’s exhibition leaves out no details.

    From the watercolor and ink to the detail in his wood, metal and paint sculptures, it is evident that Martin loves the west. Each watercolor and sculpture provide an entertaining glimpse of an imagined scene in nature. Although theyread more →

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    Mutt & Jeff: Memories of the Bastille

    At the entrance to Eldorado Canyon stands a rock tower, the Bastille, named after the gloomy prison stormed during the French Revolution.

    It is 350 feet high, dark and bulky, yet stately, like its namesake. It rises crisp and vertical, an emphatic statement in rust-redread more →

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    What I did with my parents’ bodies

    want to share our experience of handling my parent’s end of life process as this may help others.

    My mother died in August, 2014. My father died last May. In both cases my children and I cared for them at home as neither wantedread more →

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    Seeking Higher Ground: Get swept away by beauty, not an avalanche

    Several of my friends have described me as “fearless,” but it’s not true. Since adolescence, avalanches have left me frozen in fear.

    Like so many mountain folk, I knew someone killed by one.

    I remember the anxious buzz that rose in the ski patrolread more →

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    A brief history of local broadcasting

    In September of 1963, I got on the train in Springfield, Mass. and two days later got off in Glenwood Springs.

    I was starting at Colorado Rocky Mountain School as a sophomore and besides having an electric guitar and amp, I had a Sony transistorread more →