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    News Analysis: Precinct caucuses on March 7 offer grassroots participation

    We completed voting in the presidential primary this week, but did you know we still have precinct caucuses?

    Caucuses take place every two years and are a function of Colorado’s Democratic and Republican parties. Democratic and Republican party caucuses will be held, across Colorado, on Saturday, Marchread more →

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    Review: Love and obsession in ‘View from the Bridge’

    It’s tough enough being immigrants in the 1950s in New York City, much less an Italian immigrant family fighting for the good life. Add in complicated and troubling romantic entanglements and you have a recipe for disaster — and tragedy — in this latest Thunder River Theatre Companyread more →

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    Sun Signs: Anatomy of a Retrograde

    By now, most people have heard of Mercury retrograde.

    It is one facet of astrology that has made its way into the mainstream. Mercury retrograde is known for complicating travel plans, confusing communication, messing up technology, and eliciting all sorts of frustrating shenanigans when you areread more →

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    My personal recycling adventure

    1970: Eugene, Oregon — glass only. We took our children to a warehouse, remains of which were concrete walls. The town provided goggles. We could fling glass bottles and jars against the wall and the town eventually picked up the broken glass. What fun!

    Late ‘80s: Carbondale —… read more →

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    News Analysis: Journalists need advocates, too

    As the Colorado Press Association prepared to meet Jan. 17, a Colorado judicial branch committee had a scheduled — ironically closed-door — meeting to consider a new rule on the sealing of criminal court records.

    According to Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition Executive Director Jeffrey more →

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    A year of transition for The Sun

    This isn’t really the same newspaper it was a year ago.

    For one thing, it’s a different team.

    Other than myself, Tommy Sands
    has been the sole remaining fixture on
    the staff in 2019. (Lee Beck has also
    held down her volunteer proofing position). Terri Ritchie, Carol… read more →

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    Review: Musical satire that will knock your socks off

    “The Doyle and Debbie Show’’ performance at Thunder River Theatre Company(TRTC) is a hysterical romp through the raucous, honky tonk world of the Nashville country music scene.

    From the play’s opening scene with a background recording of “Whiskey for my men and beer for my horses”read more →

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    Times have changed, but it’s good to be back in the newsroom

    The silence is one of the biggest differences. Today, sitting in front of my reporter’s desk at the Sopris Sun, I don’t hear the click clack of typewriter keys or the whoosh of the handle as I go to the following line. No enter or return button more →

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    Review: Not just a walk in the park

    As the United States still stands on the brink of nuclear war after the nearly 75 years since the bombing of Hiroshima,Japan, at the end of World War II, live theater in Carbondale rises to the challenge of portraying echoes of history as today’s reality.

    Theread more →

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    Weaving together a can’t-miss exhibit

    What does the pairing of painting and textiles have in common? Everything, it seems, at the latest dual exhibition at the Carbondale Arts’ Launchpad galleries.

    This amazing exhibition features three artists. The first exhibit, “Post-Frontier Landscapes,” is by Julia Crocetto, working primarily in textiles includingread more →

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