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    Telephonic local stories, Volume II

    Editor’s note: this serial short story was published monthly over the course of a year as an experimental community endeavor. Read the first volume here. 

    Chapter One: Happy Birthday, Max!
    By Gavin Dahl

    “Please tell me they got Cheetos again.”

    Max isn’t necessarily supposed to, you know, eat… read more →

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    An open letter to our community and the Pitkin County BOCC Regarding the Crystal River to Crested Butte Bike Trail


    Temporary Address:

    Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners
    123read more →

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    Settlement reached in Thompson Divide lawsuit

    Press release from Wilderness Workshop

    The U.S. Bureau of Land Management announced Friday that it has reached a settlement in the lawsuit filed by oil and gas company SG Interests over the cancellation of 18 leases to drill in the Thompson Divide area of the White River Nationalread more →

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    Hoist a beer to cheer Thunder River Theatre’s ‘Yankee Tavern’

    If one were going to finger the culprit most responsible for conspiring to create a compelling theatrical evening, Thunder River Theatre Company (TRTC) veteran Bob Moore would be the guilty party. As Ray, the resident conspiracy theorist at a down-at-the-heel New York bar, he’s the driving force behindread more →

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    Let's write a story together

    Editor’s note: This is a sort of telephone-game story running  monthly as part of our literary and creativity section. Let us know at if you’d like to write the next chapter!

    By Will Grandbois 

    Something strange was going on in Carbondale.
    By the time officials had… read more →

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    Let’s celebrate The Sun’s strength

    “To me, it’s unbelievable that somebody would be so naïve as to believe you can cut the heart out of a newspaper and still think it’s going to survive.”

    – Dean Singleton, former owner of The Denver Post, upon his May 4 resignation as chairmanread more →

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    Winning ‘Love Pollinators’ design chosen for 47th Mountain Fair

    It felt kind of like going to a secret society meeting, except it wasn’t so secret. A group of about 20 people gathered at Carbondale Arts Executive Director Amy Kimberly’s charming house on a Tuesday evening, where there was a smorgasbord of snacks and libations waiting.

    read more →

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    Thunder River Theatre’s ‘The Price’ proves a powerhouse

    “The Price” has been the least staged of playwright Arthur Miller’s plays. The current production at Thunder River Theatre Company (TRTC) reveals it as Miller’s most underrated play.

    TRTC’s production is a powerhouse, as good as any live theatre this reviewer has seen. (Reviewer’s Note: While living in San… read more →

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    Fundraiser for new pickleball courts on Feb. 10

    The numbers are growing and the problem is starting to get out of hand. In Carbondale, the number of pickleball addicts has quadrupled in the last two years and that number is expected to climb even higher as more people discover the “high” they feel during a game.
    High… read more →

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    The Czech Republic by bike

    I am on a train to the southeastern part of the Czech Republic, South Moravia, to the town of Breclev (jits-luv) where I will get my bicycle to begin my trip. The last two days in Prague were all about history. I learned about King Charles IV (thumbs up), the years under Soviet rule (thumbs down), Vaclav Havel, the first Czech President after the fall of the Soviet Republic (two thumbs up) and the passion Mozart had for Czech women (understandable). It is claimed he wrote the overture to Don Giovanni the morning it premiered, as he was preoccupied and distracted by his carousing. read more →
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