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    Seeking Higher Ground: The long arm of the law

    “I’m kinda discouraged.”

    Today, that was how Mason responded to my daily “How are you?” question. My query isn’t just a routine. Every morning we both awaken to find ourselves in one another’s company is a blessing.

    The cause of Mason’s discouragementread more →

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    Sopris Sun seeds

    Winter 2009 was probably the worst time to start a newspaper, much less take on the role of editor.

    Across the country, large daily newspapers like the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Denver’s Rocky Mountain News were going out of business and Carbondale’s own Valley Journal suffered the same fate… read more →

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    Up, but not away: In defense of Aspen

    I had to brave Aspen during X Games for a few tutoring students, so when I had a break, I thought I’d pop into town for lunch. After winding through the initial crowd of visiting — and a few leering — snow bros (seriously, guys, it’s 2019: respectread more →

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    Let me take you down: In defense of the lower valley

    If you complain that Aspenites don’t venture beyond the roundabout but never stop between Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction, this column is for you.

    It’s certainly not for the host of folks we consider Carbondalians — including many pillars of our community like teachers and policeread more →

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    Mutt & Jeff: It’s like…

    Ask my students — I’m a stickler when it comes to using the word “like.”

    Generally, it’s prohibited in my classroom. At least when it’s meant to stand for veritably — in other words, as an intensifier. If a person wants to intensify a statement, it doesn’t help… read more →

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    Seeking Higher Ground: Rage at the (driverless) machine

    Although I’m seriously opposed to armed insurrection, I empathize with the folks who have assaulted driverless cars in Arizona.

    In Glendale, there have been least 21 attacks: by assailants wielding guns, slashing tires, throwing rocks and even threatening a driverless van’s attendant with a chunkread more →

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    Bits & Pieces: The most important piece of equipment

    Goggles. Check. Helmet. Check. Ten-year old skis and jacket with questionable waterproofness. Check and check.

    I can’t help that as I pack my bags to go on this ski adventure halfway around the world with some fancy clients, some feelings of inadequacy start bubbling more →

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    Eulogy on the 10th anniversary of the death of a newspaper

    Some of us are beginning to realize that old age is not “just another bump in the road.” It’s… The Last Bump… and we ain’t gonna get over it.

    But you’ve got to admit we’ve been lucky enough to live as long as we have,read more →

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    There’s plenty new under The Sun

    This time of year has, historically, not been the best for Carbondale newspapers.

    In addition to the editor dying from Spanish Flu on Christmas 1918, there’s the whole matter of The Valley Journal closing with barely a goodbye on Christmas, 2008. I’ve left that toread more →

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    Mutt & Jeff: Who started it?

    For over two months, I have been silently agitated by a previous column in The Sopris Sun.

    I agreed with many of the thoughts by the writer concerning the lack of understanding of the issues by American voters. Quoting the writer: “…millions of Americans are deeplyread more →