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    Ps&Qs: The dog days of summer

    This summer it seems everyone packed up the family truckster and headed for Colorful Colorado… While I can’t blame them, it has caused me to experience some road rage. 

    Whether running errands around town or getting out into the wild, everywhere I go, there are humansread more →

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    A picture says a thousand words

    The cover of the issue of The Sun that appeared June 18, 2020 (Volume 12, Number 19), in solidarity with marginalized people of color across this nation boldly read “I Can’t Breathe”. 

    It was adorned with photos of Black Lives Matter protests that took place inread more →

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    Seeking Higher Ground: Pitkin, Breckenridge, Carbondale — what’s in a name?

    Every Roaring Fork Valley town (except Carbondale) has at some point changed its name: Glenwood Springs was once Defiance. Basalt was Aspen Junction. Aspen was Ute City. 

    What’s in a name, usually, is history. Which is usually written by the victors, then revisited as times more →

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    Branching Out: The complexity of aliveness

    Stumbling through riverbed boulders and log jams, the beams of our headlamps were lightsabers, slicing erratically through black night. Snowmelt sloshed in my 20-year old waders. My friend George shivered, soaked up to shrinkage. Neither state though, dampened our mirth. Out after dark, we felt like kids atread more →

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    No one should be afraid to walk

    “I’ve never felt safer.” I pulled my mask down and leaned over to yell in my friend’s ear during the #BLM march in Rifle last month. 

    As I said it, there were half a dozen Harleys revving past us as we marched along the sidewalk andread more →

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    Will Call: Let’s all mind the gap

    Whatever the creepy recorded voices at City Market say, it doesn’t feel like we’re all in this together anymore.

    That’s not necessarily a criticism, just the impression that comes with seeing some people out in large groups and others still cooped up at home. And whileread more →

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    Bits & Pieces: The good, the bad and the weird

    “How are you guys holding up?” I asked a friend. 

    She groaned and told me how her marriage was strained after months of unemployment, not to mention the stress of having her older children suddenly thrust back into the nest. I sensed she wanted to goread more →

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    A different kind of hometown Pride

    The best and worst part of growing up in a small town is running into people you know. 

    Those who have stayed connected via social media over the years can see past my changed outward appearance and others squint, trying to figure out why I seemread more →

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    Can we ask schools to do the impossible?

    When I was a second grade teacher I set my watch’s second hand to match the clock in my classroom. 

    Every day, at 30 seconds past 9:28, my students split off into six different rooms to receive their small group reading instruction. As my students left,read more →

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    Branching Out: Escaping pressure

    In this week’s Mountain Journal, a nonprofit journal centered on Yellowstone National Park, I read an editorial about the packed trails locals are experiencing in Livingston, Montana under the shadow of Bozeman’s population explosion amid COVID-19. 

    I felt their angst overread more →