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    An American football fan in London

    e I took pen in hand (literally — I write everything longhand, much to the chagrin of my editor). The last piece I wrote was “A Raider Fan in Bronco Country,” which to my surprise was awarded best sports column in our category in the Colorado Press Association’sread more →

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    Ghost-Box City Market? Nah, how about a Playground for All Ages?

    In this season of gratitude, among the blessings I count are the creativity and inclusiveness that characterize this town.

    I could tally many examples, but Third Street Center embodies it all: As I write this, it’s bringing together the town’s English and Spanish-speaking communities for Dia de Los… read more →

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    Ten years in town — a love letter

    Dear Carbondale:

    Cheers, sweetheart, on our ten year anniversary! Last month marks a decade since I spent my first night on the floor in our new townhome. As you may recall, at the time the economy was puttering along and I was months away from becoming a first-time… read more →

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    A Latino mother’s perspective

    There has been a lot of conversation around the word “equity” within our district these past few months.

    As a Latino mother, I find it particularly odd that Latino families, which make up more than 55 percent of our school district, are often left inread more →

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    Enough war for a lifetime

    I’ve had enough. I’m sick and tired of having to pony up more money to support things like libraries, schools, libraries in schools… I pay taxes and that is where I want the money to go, not to the military industrial complex.

    “Today in Capitalism” byread more →

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    To trust the media, youth must help shape it

    The school year is in full swing, and while many high school students have begun submitting college applications, I’ve been putting the final touches on the next issue of the high school publication my friends and I started.

    Our publication started as an offhand more →

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    Mutt & Jeff: Where has sacred honor gone?

    We sometimes ask:  “Have you read anything good lately?” A wise piece of advice I read lately in a magazine’s book review section suggested that for every modern book we read we should also read an old one. The reason? Because in the old days they hadread more →

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    Seeking Higher Ground: Coping with an overheated climate of anxiety

    “Is this the house you’re giving to the church?” my friend asked. After I nodded, he commented, “That’s a very generous gift.”

    Generous – or worthless? 

    As I told Larry, everything in this valley depends on snow in its various forms. It’s not justread more →

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    Ps&Qs: You can afford to share the pie

    These days people say to me, “It’s too bad you can’t write about the president anymore, what with the political climate being so volatile.”

    While it is my dream to be the Ann Coulter of the Left, the truth is, it isn’t the volatile political climate that keeps… read more →

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    Mutt & Jeff: Things that are hidden

    When the curtain rises, all is hushed. The conductor lifts his arms, signals to the orchestra, and the symphony begins.

    He is in control of the ebb and flow of tempo, of heightened tensions and frenzied crescendos, until audience and orchestra arrive safely at theread more →