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    Can’t afford health insurance?

    I’m sure that we’ve all seen news reports of natural or manmade disasters in which people  have lost virtually everything they own, but who declare that the most important thing is that they still have their health.

    Oh, really? If that were true, wouldn’t those same people… read more →

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    Finding food freedom amid arbitrary authority

    I recently heard a speech on food freedom.

    The message resonated with me so strongly that I was actually moved to tears. The ideas were not new to me but the strength of my reaction caused me to question just what it was that struckread more →

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    Looking beyond the Oscars

    Quite a few new movies deserve the hype they’re getting during Oscar season.

    The staggering preeminence of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” “Isle of Dogs” and “Black Panther” demand repeat viewings. “Vice,” “Roma,” and “Green Book” deliver on their cinematic intentions vividly, and director Spike Leeread more →

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    Parenting with presence

    As usual, our favorite Mexican restaurant was packed.

    The parents at the table next to us didn’t even flinch as their kids raced around not just their table, but everyone else’s, too. Several times the kids got in the way of the servers carrying hot food out of… read more →

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    The ties that bind

    To say The Sopris Sun is a team effort is both a cliché and an understatement, but it’s still the response I give every time someone compliments the paper (the same approach does not apply to complaints, I’m afraid).

    That truth could not have beenread more →

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    Seeking Higher Ground: The long arm of the law

    “I’m kinda discouraged.”

    Today, that was how Mason responded to my daily “How are you?” question. My query isn’t just a routine. Every morning we both awaken to find ourselves in one another’s company is a blessing.

    The cause of Mason’s discouragementread more →

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    Sopris Sun seeds

    Winter 2009 was probably the worst time to start a newspaper, much less take on the role of editor.

    Across the country, large daily newspapers like the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Denver’s Rocky Mountain News were going out of business and Carbondale’s own Valley Journal suffered the same fate… read more →

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    Up, but not away: In defense of Aspen

    I had to brave Aspen during X Games for a few tutoring students, so when I had a break, I thought I’d pop into town for lunch. After winding through the initial crowd of visiting — and a few leering — snow bros (seriously, guys, it’s 2019: respectread more →

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    Let me take you down: In defense of the lower valley

    If you complain that Aspenites don’t venture beyond the roundabout but never stop between Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction, this column is for you.

    It’s certainly not for the host of folks we consider Carbondalians — including many pillars of our community like teachers and policeread more →

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    Mutt & Jeff: It’s like…

    Ask my students — I’m a stickler when it comes to using the word “like.”

    Generally, it’s prohibited in my classroom. At least when it’s meant to stand for veritably — in other words, as an intensifier. If a person wants to intensify a statement, it doesn’t help… read more →