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    Seeking Higher Ground: What I didn't know

    “Financial planning would be far simpler if we came stamped with an expiration date on the bottom.” Thus saith my financial planner.

    True, that.

    I have planned for my “golden years” with the goal of living until 90. But recently, I learned thatread more →

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    A beautiful place at odds with its own future

    I love Carbondale and the Roaring Fork Valley!

    Where else can you find four known rivers converging, Mt. Sopris’ constant vigil over us all and cattle walking down Main Street? The mix of friendly and caring folks all around gives somewhat of a mirror imageread more →

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    On healthcare, is national improved Medicare for all the best answer?

    Amid ongoing efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), and after rejection of Colorado’s state-level single-payer plan, the United States struggles to determine its healthcare future. Meanwhile, premiums, deductibles, and other forms of cost sharing continue to rise for those fortunate enough to have insurance. Companies,read more →

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    Mutt and Jeff: Don’t take it to the extreme

    Extreme. What in the world do we mean by extreme?  When we speak of temperature we say that something is too hot or too cold, or perhaps that it is pleasantly warm or cool, or perhaps tepid. The highest and lowest temperatures would be at the extremities, thousandsread more →

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    A rancher’s perspective on wolf reintroduction

    There are legitimate concerns and consequences to be considered pertaining to the reintroduction of wolves. It is disingenuous to state that opponents of wolf reintroduction base their beliefs solely on myth while wolf advocates use only facts as suggested by Senator Phillips of Montana.  

    Theread more →

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    Vote yes on 2A to renew streetscape tax

    As mayor, the most common question I get is “How are things with the Town?”

    My response usually includes some combination of the following statements: “The Town is doing great. I inherited a great situation where we have an incredible Board of Trustees and aread more →

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    Ps & Qs: Born in the USA

    “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” -Mark Twain

    I’ve been watching the Olympics like a middle-aged woman: every night, on the couch, arguing with my husband about the etiquette of curling. I love seeing athletes from all over the world… read more →

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    Obsessed with Cinema

    When I moved from Denver to the Roaring Fork Valley, I assumed my access to new cinema would suffer.

    It hasn’t. Thanks to theaters like the Crystal in Carbondale and the Isis in Aspen, the handy inter-library reservation system, and hard-working postal workers delivering Netflix DVDs every… read more →

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    Mutt & Jeff: Wishful thinking

    This column by Paige Meredith is the first in a series he’ll be sharing with Stan Badgett.

    How often have we heard platitudes expressing the idea that the wisdom of the people will keep our country on the right track?
    Yet every poll seems to indicate that the… read more →

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    Bits & Pieces: Finding my religion

    A while back my older son asked me about God.
    I got all panicky, fumbled around with some half-assed reply and hoped that it would hold off any more questions concerning life after death, God or anything to do with religion for a while. But, as we know,… read more →