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    Seeking Higher Ground: The free-market value of survival

    I recently heard the term “market failure” on an NPR interview. Pundits Elaine Weiss and Gina Adams were commenting on a $1 million childcare investment proposed by the Trump administration’s budget. Ivanka Trump, who advanced the proposal, characterized the childcare market this way: “You have care providers whoread more →

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    PS&QS: MTV started it all

    When I was ten years old my best friend, Allie, and I would wake up early on Sunday mornings to watch FMTV on Channel 12.

    It was a local show featuring music videos from artists like David Byrne and Blondie. Then Channel 12 sold theread more →

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    Senior Moments: Computers can help

    As winter fades away and spring beckons, some of our thoughts turn to April 15 and our tax deadline.

    We have spoken before about RSVP and the services they offer. One of those services is free tax preparation and free electronic filing (e-filing). Your incomeread more →

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    Bits & Pieces: All’s fair if you’ve got the cash?

    Let me tell you about the time I got busted for cheating in school.

    During my sophomore year in high school I got a big fat zero on an English assignment and, frankly, I deserved it. I suppose with pressure from juggling athletics, my social life,read more →

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    Cute as a monster in a shed

    A couple of weeks ago I was walking with my dogs on a remote snow-packed road and I encountered some other people recreating in the woods. As they passed us, a young man (they’re all young these days) yelled at me, “Get your dogs out of here!”

    “I… read more →

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    Can’t afford health insurance?

    I’m sure that we’ve all seen news reports of natural or manmade disasters in which people  have lost virtually everything they own, but who declare that the most important thing is that they still have their health.

    Oh, really? If that were true, wouldn’t those same people… read more →

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    Finding food freedom amid arbitrary authority

    I recently heard a speech on food freedom.

    The message resonated with me so strongly that I was actually moved to tears. The ideas were not new to me but the strength of my reaction caused me to question just what it was that struckread more →

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    Looking beyond the Oscars

    Quite a few new movies deserve the hype they’re getting during Oscar season.

    The staggering preeminence of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” “Isle of Dogs” and “Black Panther” demand repeat viewings. “Vice,” “Roma,” and “Green Book” deliver on their cinematic intentions vividly, and director Spike Leeread more →

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    Parenting with presence

    As usual, our favorite Mexican restaurant was packed.

    The parents at the table next to us didn’t even flinch as their kids raced around not just their table, but everyone else’s, too. Several times the kids got in the way of the servers carrying hot food out of… read more →

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    The ties that bind

    To say The Sopris Sun is a team effort is both a cliché and an understatement, but it’s still the response I give every time someone compliments the paper (the same approach does not apply to complaints, I’m afraid).

    That truth could not have beenread more →