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    Habitat maintains momentum under new leadership

    Habitat for Humanity Roaring Fork has a new captain at the helm who means to maintain the nonprofit’s momentum while navigating the uncharted waters of today. 

    Gail Schwartz joined Habitat’s board of directors roughly eight months ago and shortly thereafter assumed the role as its more →

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    Newspaper crafts made easy!

    Don’t recycle those empty toilet paper rolls and used newspapers yet! Did you know that by using a few items found around your home, you can create fun and engaging paper crafts for the whole family? 

    From origami to papier-mâché, paper crafts have been captivating homeread more →

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    Local theatre groups going remote

    Yes, you can still go to the theatre, but not quite in the format you’re used to. Bonedale is now primarily a virtual world as the COVID-19 crisis continues.

    Having in-home internet access solves a number of entertainment problems, but not all. For theatre goers, onlineread more →

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    Banks roll out financial support

    Ask any local banker how they are managing the current economic crisis, and you will most likely hear the same thing: it’s like building a plane while flying it.

    On March 27, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was signed into law toread more →

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    Gunnison County stretches to enforce rules on its fringes

    In collaboration with Chris Rourke of The Gunnison Country Times

    While lines on a map often don’t reflect real social or geographic boundaries, even the smallest administrative divisions can create real impacts on the people within them.

    Case in point, the town of Marble and itsread more →

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    Animal shelters empty while folks at home adopt

    My life during the stay-at-home order took a sudden turn when I adopted a 6-month-old puppy last week. What better way to fill unexpected downtime? In fact, I’m writing this article between bursts of puppy energy, lots of pets, and periodic exchanges of things that shouldn’t be chewedread more →

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    Vegetable gardening 101

    It’s easy right? Just buy some seeds, plant, water, watch them grow, then harvest your bounty. 

    Not so fast. If you want a successful first garden experience, there are three basic things every beginning gardener needs to know: what to plant, when to plant and howread more →

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    District ranks first in English Language Development

    Roaring Fork School District’s English Language Development program is ranked number one among the 55 districts in the state with similar percentages of students who are in the process of learning English. Carbondale Middle School teachers Grace De La Sala and Mary Hernandez spoke with The Sopris Sunread more →

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    Wilson selected as finalist for Police Chief

    Rifle Police Sgt. Kirk Wilson is Town Manager Jay Harrington’s pick to lead the Carbondale Police Department into the future. The final decision as to whether he’s a suitable successor to longtime Chief Gene Schilling will come before the board of trustees on April 28. 

    Whileread more →

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    Feeling the loss of Pete and El Baker

    She was an impeccable homemaker; he was a retired police captain. 

    Together, Eleanor “El” and Peter Baker of Lake Ariel, PA raised 5 children, doted upon 13 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren, and navigated 62 years of marriage; and on April 2 they shared their last momentsread more →