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    Creative collaboration makes the cut

    Carbondale’s connection with award-winning filmmaking is closer than you might think. In a second-floor office at CoVenture, you will find award-winning film editor Krysia Carter-Giez and director Stefano Da Frè sifting through hours of film footage for their newest collaboration titled “The Day I Had To Grow Up.”read more →

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    White Hill road is only for cemetery access

    The “no trespassing” sign isn’t working.

    Too many people are used to making the walk up White Hill, having a pleasant chat with Paul Nieslanik and heading down without ever visiting the cemetery that is the only official reason for the public to venture pastread more →

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    Trustees put rabbits back on the menu

    Although the agenda item for the Dec. 17 trustee work session wasn’t just about Matt Kennedy and his rabbits, it certainly was the catalyst.  Kennedy was cited over the summer for having far more than the three rabbits currently allowed under code. He has pushed trustees toread more →

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    Rehabilitation isn’t just for humans

    Meet Kiba, a handsome two-year old border collie-mix, a big, 75 pound guy. He’s a happy pup, full of vim and vigor, but he has a serious congenital condition known as hip dysplasia.

    His was so severe that, even at his young age, surgery was neededread more →

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    Carbondale Arts teams up with Kroger for art installation

    One local artist will get a chance next year to make Carbondale’s new City Market a little more unique. It’s a part of parent-company Kroger’s Art Program that’s putting public art in new stores around the country. “In 2015, [Kroger] decided to do local arts projects for allread more →

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    Dos Gringos supports community giving with 1111 campaign

    Dos Gringos Burritos and Café Olé coffee shop (Dos) recently launched a 52-week giving campaign leading up to their 20th anniversary on 11/11/2020. The campaign, known as 1111, will conclude with a total of $11,000 cash donated over the year to 52 nonprofit organizations in the Roaring Forkread more →

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    The locals’ mountain opens for the season

    With — count them — 680 acres of skiable terrain, Sunlight Mountain Resort is quite the ski hill with expansion and improvements on the near horizon. Its size today matches that of upvalley Aspen Mountain.

    Sunlight opened a week early for skiing in the 2019/2020 season. And this… read more →

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    Helios Center brings light and color to therapy

    Helena Hurrell, director of the Helios Center in Carbondale, has spent much of her life studying and offering therapies that she says, “help nurture the soul.”

    One such offering will be a “Candle-light Viewing of Raphael’s Madonnas in a Healing Sequence” from 7 to 8 more →

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    Art career after the video store

    Staci Dickerson is having her first solo art show this month and next. She readily admits that it’s a big deal for her.

    For longtime Carbondale residents, her name might more immediately conjure up fond memories of the popular video rental shop that she ran hereread more →

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    Our Town: Will Handville saves lives and makes art

    The Sopris Sun regularly presents a series of interviews with folks you may not have seen in the paper before — a sort of introduction to your neighbors. This week, we caught up with Will Handville,  a paramedic for the Carbondale Fire Department and also an accomplishedread more →