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    A tale of COVID and clay

    According to Angela Bruno, Carbondale Clay Center’s Executive Director, “Things are going well,” and considering the impact that COVID-19 has had on businesses and educational entities in Carbondale, that’s remarkable.

    Carbondale Clay Center is in its 23rd year of existence, and Brunoread more →

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    On the path to elevated senior living

    Anyone that has recently walked or ridden their bicycle on the Rio Grande Trail between Second and Fourth streets has seen it: A dusty lot on the North side of the trail is sprouting two large buildings that are scheduled to be completed prior to the end ofread more →

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    Fires affect infrastructure in the valley and beyond

    While the fight against the Grizzly Creek Fire wages on, infrastructural repercussions continue to mount — some of which will not be fully assessed until the inferno is extinguished. 


    The prolonged closure of I-70 has caused delays for businesses and institutions which rely on supplyread more →

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    Carbondale fire fighters are always on call

    With 320 square miles and 15,000 residents to protect, the Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District truly understands the value of dedicated volunteers who serve at headquarters and at the district’s six outlying stations.

    It takes a strong commitment to volunteer, saidread more →

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    Mind Springs kicks overdose awareness up a notch

    August is overdose awareness month and Mind Springs Health (MSH) is using the time to educate locals about the opioid epidemic and how overdosing can be prevented or even reversed at the time it’s taking place.

    According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 67,367 peopleread more →

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    Leaving a legacy of love and laughter

    “He was the funniest person I’ve ever met,” said a longtime friend of Tyler Ribich.

    But Tyler is gone. He was tragically killed May 2019  in a horrific automobile accident on a winding country road on Missouri Heights. He was 16 and a junior at Basaltread more →

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    Watch when development and art intersect

    When the Carbondale Planning and Zoning Commission adjourned its recent meeting, the members had just voted to continue the major site plan review of the Eastwood 133 LLC Self-Storage Facility to the next public hearing on Thursday,  Aug. 27.

    Continuance will also include public comments andread more →

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    Original telephone building slated for demolition

    Although an obscure provision of the municipal code won’t be enough to save a historic building, it did help tell its story.

    It all started when the owners of 234 Main Street — built to house the original telephone switchboard and most recently the home ofread more →

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    Grizzly Creek Fire slows its spread

    As it tops 27,000 acres, the Grizzly Creek Fire is encountering lighter fuels and weaker winds, Operations Section Chief Jeff Surber explained in a Facebook Live meeting on Aug. 18. 

    “When we first got here we had red flag warnings and wind and slope and allread more →

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    Roaring Fork School District embraces state’s athletics policies

    That high school sports just ain’t what they used to be would be an understatement, but nonetheless accurate under the current climate. 

    Now, that the start of the semester is around the corner and students will be nestling wherever they must for distance learning they’ll needread more →