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    Together we keep The Sun shining

    It happened on Christmas Eve, 2008. Our local newspaper of 34 years was scrapped by corporate entities who completely underestimated this community. Less than seven weeks later, The Sopris Sun was born. At a time when other newspapers were disappearing (including the Rocky Mountain News, a daily newspaperread more →

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    Opinion: Neighbors challenge 480 Donegan Road PUD

    Opinion by Bobbie Meriwether

    In West Glenwood, what has been missing for decades that would ease (as opposed to make much worse) the enormous costs and impacts of large-scale planned urban developments (PUDs) would be dedicated school land and parkland. There are already compounding impacts to residents as a result… read more →

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    Opinion: Wild horses have chance at auction before slaughter

    Opinion by Barbara Sophia

    Special to The Sopris Sun

    For hundreds of years the thunder of hoof beats have echoed through the vast landscape of the West Utah desert at the base of the Onaqui Mountains. Last month, 435 wild horses from the Onaquiread more →

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    Ps & Qs: Keep calm and Carbondale on

    Once upon a time, in a bar called The Black Nugget (where the men were men, and the drugs were nervous), a couple of women from out of town walked in and sat at the bar. They ordered a sea breeze and a cape cod and looked around,read more →

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    Measuring the success of tourism in Carbondale

    What do you know about tourism? Did you know that Carbondale has a tourism-based economy? Did you even know your hometown has a tourism board? If you can’t answer one or all of these three questions, then pull up a chair. The Tourism Council of Carbondale, a volunteerread more →

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    Slug It: Happy to be here

    By Dyana Z. Furmansky,

    I read that John Hinckley, the man who shot President Ronald Reagan, might be released in a year if his mental health remains stable. Hinckley also ushered me into my 22-year stretch of freelancing for The New York Times. So whenever Iread more →

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    Otra Perspectiva: Dando la bienvenida al otoño

    Por Crystal Mariscal

    Colorido Colorado es el piropo que cobra más vida durante el otoño para nuestro querido estado. No solo la paleta de colores dorados y secos hacen que nuestro estado de ánimo cambie, si no también las hojas que ya hacen en el more →

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    Trail Notes: Recognizing pika

    By Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers (RFOV)

    Trail know-how…

    The American pika (Ochotona princeps) are small, furry mammals lacking tails that are found in high alpine ecosystems throughout the mountains of the western United States and southwestern Canada. Closely related to the rabbit, these creatures are sometimes referred… read more →

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    Branching Out: Avoiding common tragedy

    It’s a universal gesture, from mother elk to geese to humans. With your little one trailing along, as you cross an opening in a forest, a pathway or road, mamas will look into the new terrain to scope it out and then look back at their young. Look back… read more →

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    CVEPA Views: What’s all the fuss about Marble?

    By John Armstrong

    Every time you pick up the paper it seems there is an article about Marble. It might be about the Marble Quarry, off highway vehicle (OHV) impacts, Wild and Scenic Designation or simply overcrowding. Why all the interest in this little hamlet wayread more →