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    Slow is the New Fast: Yes in my backyard

    Is the future of our food security as close as our own backyard? Alas, it’s not that simple, because “wicked problems”, like rebuilding local food systems, never are. But our backyards have a vital role to play.

    Years ago, when I saw a documentary about howread more →

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    Sun Signs: An impending Mars retrograde

    At 4:22 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 9, Mars will come to an apparent halt and begin retrograde motion. 

    For just over nine weeks, Mars will appear to move backward in the sky, before stationing again on Nov. 13 and renewing forward motion. Mars is the finalread more →

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    ‘Circulating Source Water’ inspires healing

    Will Evans, retired medical doctor and resident of Carbondale, recently published a powerful piece of literature to accompany our global predicament. 

    “Circulating Source Water” is presented as a monograph: an academic exploration focusing on a single topic. In this case, the subject of inquiry is more →

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    My climate story

    As I stood on the Sopris Park gazebo looking out over the crowd that assembled for the Strike for Climate Action I organized last September, I had a combined feeling of relief, satisfaction, and extreme personal pride. It was a daunting task. I’d never done anything like thisread more →

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    News Analysis: Reimagining our agricultural future

    When Jerome Osentowski declared he would build a tropical greenhouse oasis on the rocky slopes of Basalt at 7,200 feet above sea level, people thought he was crazy. 

    Fast forward to 2020, and Osentowski makes fresh pineapple-papaya smoothies throughout the winter and grosses around $60,000 inread more →

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    Branching Out: What those hunting photos say

    A conversation has opened within hunting as more people of infinite diversity have entered its sacred realm: What is an appropriate photograph when we “fill our tags?” “Bag” our animal? Secure clean food in fair chase for our families?

    A thousand words cannot capture the momentsread more →

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    The circle of Carbondale

    Back in 2006, one of my first jobs was with Uncle Pizza in Carbondale. Sometimes, when delivering a pie, I’d be anxious about encountering a drunk bantering patron at their front door. Had I known the risk associated with the service industry today, such stresses would have seemedread more →

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    It’s not enough not to be racist

    Hi, my name is Dan Richardson and I have been supporting racism for most of my life. 

    To be clear, it was not my intention to do this, but this statement is my way of owning my part in it. Unfortunately I can’t plead ignorance becauseread more →

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    Bursting the white bubble; raising the white shield

    About a week ago, a local lady, Marlene, asked online: “If I may, I have a question for anyone with a workable answer? Those Black people who have attained some degree of education, wealth, influence… Why don’t they organize, reach out to their fellow man…?”

    Myread more →

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    Let’s take a deep breath and figure it out together

    Some old timers that like to chide me for being an environmentalist used to call me a “deep breather.” 

    Given the difficult times these days, taking a few good deep breaths every morning has come in handy. With the onslaught of news, conflict and raw emotionsread more →