• Community Constellation Workshop — Healing with the Ancestors thumbnail

    Community Constellation Workshop — Healing with the Ancestors


    Are you aware of how the past influence’s the present?
    In every family system there is a transmission of generational trauma — an unconscious accumulation of stories, feelings, unresolved issues and patterns in which we see ourselves, our families and the world.

    Just as we inherit our physical traits,…

  • Intro to Systemic Family Constellation thumbnail

    Intro to Systemic Family Constellation


    We all carry a broad spectrum of attachment injuries, and systemic trauma. Collective trauma influences us all in ways, way beyond our awareness. Unresolved ancestral energy is behind so many of the issues and condition’s that we all experience.

    In this Intro evening Carol Shure explains the history and process…

  • Whole Foods Plant Based Potluck thumbnail

    Whole Foods Plant Based Potluck


    Join the growing communiy of Plant Based Whole Food folks who gather once a month to share their enthisiasm for healthy eating.

    There is a growing body of research that shows that WFPB LIfe decreases the signs and symtoms of many chronic disease states – heart and vascular issues, diabetes,…

  • Introduction to Regenerative Living thumbnail

    Introduction to Regenerative Living


    We are now facing a possibility of great devastation on the Earth.
    Animals are becoming endangered and extinct. Bees are on the endangered list because of pesticides. Without bees, humans have 3-4 years to live.
    Plants grown on farms using chemicals are lacking major nutrients. We have pollution…

  • IQ. 110 Entering The Practice thumbnail

    IQ. 110 Entering The Practice


    This course includes everything you need to begin your very own Qigong practice.

    In addition to learning the full Insight Qigong™ form, you’ll get detailed instructions on each of the 8 individual postures that make up the set and the corresponding theory to fully understand the practice.

    You will walk…

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    When you eat matters

    By Maria Judith Alvarez Quiroz

    Translation by Jacquelinne Castro

    Editor’s note: On April 5, Maria Judith Alvarez Quiroz was featured in a New York Times article called “Emerging From the Coronavirus.”

    We are proud to share an English translation of her latest column

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    Legislature considers county health boards bill

    A proposed bill was introduced to Colorado’s House of Representatives that would restrict active county commissioners from serving concurrently on county health boards. This is significant for Garfield County’s Board of Health (BOH) which solely consists of the three county commissioners.

    House Bill (HB) 21-1115 was introduced on Feb.… read more →