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Mandatory evacuations have been lifted for the Lake Christine Fire, which is now 57 percent contained at an estimated 6,778 acres.

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A First Friday flashmob turned into a nondenominational "rain dance" expressing hopes for an end to the drought. 

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    Heroes made on Independence Day

    Anyone who has dealt with wildfire will tell you that it’s an unpredictable foe. While firefighting can be full of repetition and drudgery — hold the line, call for backup, stay out of the way — the fate of a whole community can sometimes be decided in oneread more →

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    Evacuation brings added complications for immigrants

    When disaster strikes, people want information. That was certainly true in the wake of the dramatic Lake Christine Fire that necessitated mandatory evacuations of about 500 homes in the midvalley.

    Public officials did their best to disseminate updates to the media, which turned around andread more →

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    ‘Bachelor’ contestant brings nonprofit to Carbondale

    Sarah Herron described herself as “just a girl trying to find love on TV” when she went on the popular ABC series “The Bachelor.” But she was also the show’s first contestant with a physical disability — and that, it turned out, was a much bigger deal.

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    RFTA, trustees get down to transportation tax

    The Roaring Fork Transit Authority is nearing a decision on a fall tax question, if their presentation at the July 10 Carbondale Board of Trustees meeting is any guide.

    “My hope is that the board can land on a number on Thursday,” consultant Ralph Trapaniread more →

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    Talk out the trash

    Do you support recycling and waste reduction? Fewer trucks on the street? Affordable trash pickup? Like having a choice of hauler? Want to protect the bears?

    Well, you probably can’t have it all.

    The Carbondale Trustees have been struggling with contradicting priorities forread more →

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    If they can't stand the heat, keep the pup inside

    Carbondale Animal Hospital veterinarian Benjamin Mackin says he works with dogs suffering from negative effects of the heat on a regular basis. He sees cases from mild to sever and says it’s almost always avoidable. The dogs suffer from being left in vehicles too long to having theirread more →

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Sopris SunWohoo! With #LakeChristineFire evacuations lifted, the @RedCross felt comfortable closing the evacuation center at…
Sopris SunRT @EagleCountySO: #LakeChristineFire -At 7pm, evacuations will be lifted for areas North of Hwy 82 & West of El Jebel Rd. Upper Cattle Cre…
Sopris SunRT @TheAspenTimes: #LakeChristineFire Day 5 update: The fire has burned 5,434 acres as of Saturday morning and about another 100 firefighte…
Sopris SunNow that the #LakeChristineFire danger isn't as imminent, downtown is open for business. @BasaltChamber #SupportLocal
Sopris SunShout out to @FootStepsMktg for getting our website back up in the face of increased traffic. You can now find all…
Sopris SunAfter attempts to issue formal IDs at the @RoaringForkHS evacuation center were thwarted by organizers, apparently…
Sopris SunWanting to help with #LakeChristineFire relief efforts but don't know what to do? CARE is seeking volunteers to hel…
Sopris SunThe community has come together, offering evacuated friends shelter and overwhelming donations to responders and ev…
Sopris SunBasalt evacuations are underway due to the #LakeChristineFire Photo taken at the roundabout in Carbondale.
Sopris Sun#LakeChristineFire at 340 acres, still uncontained. Public health advisory where visibility is less than 5 miles. S…

2 days ago

The Sopris Sun

We've had a few reports of a cell service outage. Anyone else having trouble? ... See MoreSee Less


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comcast out now and earlier today cmc area!!

Comcast out in BlueLake Eljebel area

Verizon out in Westbank.

You mean an actual outage, or merely a progressive deterioration in signal quality over time to the point that it might as well be an outage?

Comcast our twice today in Midland Point for about 1.5 hrs

Nope. But Comcast is out in Snowmass.

Comcast out in Westbank too. Video out, internet seems to be working.

Yes. Comcast is also having issues. Spoke with both Comcast & Verizon from a work line this evening. Service outage due to the wildfire. Engineers are on site & estimate to have service restored about 10 pm.

Out in basalt

We had Verizon out around 7:00.

No Verizon service downtown Aspen at 6:30PM last night.

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