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Music lets students at Wind Walkers share harmony and comfort while using this hanging xylophone on the new Discovery Trail.

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As the season drew to a close, hunters in Missouri Heights used binoculars to scan for possible targets. 

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The Sun is meant to be a platform for free expression, but we'd prefer to print it as a letter to the editor. Thanks to whoever cleaned up this box at the Ranch at Roaring Fork!

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    Local businesses making your ‘stuff’ last

    By Olivia Emmer
    Sopris Sun Correspondent

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in 2018 the U.S. generated 17 million tons of textile waste- just over 100 pounds per person. In that same year, the recycling rate for all textiles was 14.7 percent, and over 11…

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    Our citizens help decide the outcome with COVID

    Guest opinion
    By the Garfield County Commissioners 

    These are certainly trying times we live in. We are seeing increases in COVID-19 cases around  the nation and right here at home, but there is a bright spot. We have the power to help contain  this pandemic, and it…

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    Grateful to CDOT

    CVEPA Views
    By John Armstrong

    So often in environmental defense it is necessary to be critical or take the offensive.

    The Crystal Valley Environmental Protection Association (CVEPA) is so pleased to pen a letter of thanks and commendation. Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is responsible…

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    Thanksgiving with a Latin twist

    Bits & Pieces
    By Judith Ritschard

    There’s an old adage my mamá always said: “Pansa llena, corazón contento,” or full belly, happy heart. It’s a pearl of wisdom that I fully live by, and come to think of it, maybe that’s why I love Thanksgiving so much.…

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    Gemini and Sagittarius Eclipses close out a tumultuous 2020

    Sun Signs
    By Whitney Will

    A penumbral lunar eclipse of the Gemini full moon reddens the sky on Nov. 30. This is the first eclipse in the sign of Gemini since the nodes of the moon ingressed into Gemini/Sagittarius in May, setting in motion a series of…

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    From Colorado to New Zealand and back again

    By James Steindler 
    Sopris Sun Correspondent 

    Trista Hackett is a neighbor who recently settled in Carbondale after falling in love with the Crystal Valley. She has a vibrant smile and personality to match. Say hi if you see her around. 

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