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Caboose thumbnail James Ibbotson and his son sitting on the steps of his caboose. Photo by Sue Rollyson. Photo by Sue Rollyson
My kid could do that … thumbnail Photo by Raleigh Burleigh
Pitkin County Open Space and Trails thumbnail OST Acquisition and Special Projects Director Dale Will explains the program. Photo by Paula Mayer. Photo by Paula Mayer
Winter sowing thumbnail Peas are winter sown in a mini greenhouse fashioned from a plastic milk jug. Photo by Michelle Cox. Photo by Michelle Cox
WRNF explores aspen forest management thumbnail Aspen forests are important wildlife habitat, with rich soils and the second highest biodiversity of any forest-type in the Rocky Mountain West, after riparian forests. Photo by Olivia Emmer. Photo by Olivia Emmer
Comic 3.4 thumbnail Comic by Brian Colley
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    Introducing: el Sol del Valle

    It is with great excitement that The Sopris Sun steps deeper into its mission “to inform, inspire, and connect” with this week’s launch of a new Spanish section: el Sol del Valle. We thank MANAUS and our first advertisers for backing the project, crafted with care by a modest team… read more →

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    Scuttlebutt - March 4, 2021

    Early STEM
    Aspen Science Center (ASC) is introducing preschoolers to science and the scientific method with their Early STEM Program. “Distance Learning Activity” kits are available to childcare providers for free! These include a bilingual instruction card and materials, introducing kids to concepts like “gravity,” “cause and effect,” and… read more →

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    A happy ending

    It’s no secret that it’s calving season for the Nieslanik Beef crew as their cows are pastured next to the Carbondale Nature Park (aka dog park), where human passersby are treated to storybook scenes of moms and their newborn calves.

    But it’s not such a glamorous scene when one is… read more →

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    WRNF explores aspen forest management

    The White River National Forest (WRNF) is seeking public comment on a proposal to manage aspen forests. The project cites declining aspen forests due to drought, insects, disease, wildfire suppression, and browsing pressure.
    The WRNF’s motivations for preserving and expanding aspen forest-types include “their scenic value, the important wildlife… read more →

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    My kid could do that ...

    Aspen Art Museum’s youth art expo, “Still Lifes and Works from Home,” provides a unique window into the imaginations of our local youth, one year into the pandemic. This exhibition features 400 artworks by K-12 students from Aspen to Rifle speaking to three basic prompts: “somewhere or someone you miss,”… read more →

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    Winter sowing

    Decades from now, we’ll look back on COVID as a chapter of planting the seeds for more Time; a time of slowing down and of reconnection. Of more front porch time, of long walks time, and of more authentic Nature time. 

    In these slower moments, did you happen to notice… read more →

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