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  • Jane Bachrach thumbnail

    Jane Bachrach (no relation to the legendary lounge singer in Las Vegas) sees the world through the eyes of an artist. Whether it is wildlife, nature or a lost tourist on her bike wearing a bikini top and pearls, Jane has a tendency to stop, help, and then snap a picture. Without Jane’s photos, the Sun would not inform or inspire readers to the shining degree that it does.

  • Carol Fabian thumbnail

    Ad manager Carol Fabian is the newest addition to the team. She comes to us with a wide variety of experience, which includes nonprofit development, resort recreation management, fundraising and sales. She even spent some time as a newspaper ad representative for the Aurora Sentinel before coming to the Valley in 2007.

  • Will Grandbois thumbnail

    Editor Will Grandbois grew up in and out of The Valley Journal office thanks to his mom, Becky Young, who was involved in the founding of three Carbondale papers. He got involved with The Sun as the webmaster and later earned his wings hands-on at the Post Independent (his degree’s actually in Anthropology). He holds “office hours” at noon Thursdays at the Pour House (the source of this absurd pic).

  • Terri Ritchie thumbnail

    The Sun’s graphic designer, Terri Ritchie, deserves a big slice of the Mt. Fair First Place cake. Terri moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in 1990 and has worked as a designer for several local publications including the Aspen Daily News and the Valley Journal (RIP). She brings her exceptional technical and graphic skills to the community-based local paper that we all pick up and peruse each week.

  • Tommy Sands thumbnail

    “Duke of Distribution” Tommy Sands is responsible for making sure the paper arrives at our 33 newsstands and 50+ other locations from Glenwood to Aspen on either Wednesday night or Thursday morning. He’s also an Uber and Lyft driver, and likely has some stories to tell as a result.

  • Megan Tackett thumbnail

    Megan Tackett is the relative newcomer to the Sopris Sun staff, but she’s been having a blast. Sundance, her 90-pound canine companion, also feels at home in the office. She’s loving getting to know the community from such a unique perspective and is glad to have a byline in a newspaper again (her journalism background has taken her from magazines to international governments, but she’s missed her roots).