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Dear Editor:

Two months ago a group of four students from Carbondale Middle School started their journey to a state wide competition in  Denver. This idea started as a question: how can we best help the immigrant community in Carbondale?

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As middle schoolers in a small town school, we made time in between classes, during specials and after school to create our presentation for the Project Citizen event. As we prepared for the event in Denver, every person in the Issues Club helped put the presentation together. We all saw how much the plan we were proposing could help our community and the families around us.

We would like to propose Spanish classes for the Carbondale Police force to help connect all parts of the community, and create an outreach program to help the immigrant community feel safe.

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Two weeks ago, the group of 14 Issues Club members drove to Denver and attended the Colorado Project Citizen Showcase. At the showcase event there were 20 teams of high school, middle school and elementary age students competing . We were the only non Front Range team and represented Carbondale in the best way possible, by winning the middle school age division.

Our presenters Vanessa Leon, Cassidy Meyer, Jessica Kollar and Keiry Lopez made the judges think, accept new ideas and put a personal touch on the presentation, these are just some of the reasons why Carbondale Middle School took first. I believe that one main reason we won was because each and everyone of us are truly passionate about our topic and our plan.

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We all hope that in the future everyone in Carbondale  feels safe and everyone is respected. Thank you Project Citizen for helping our plan come true.

Grace Jardine

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