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    Thanks to the BLM

    Dear Editor: I am writing to commend the Bureau of Land Management for finalizing their long- awaited rules to reduce methane and other pollutants from oil and gas development on public lands. By acting to reduce venting, flaring and leaks from both current and future projects, BLM is setting an important precedent for strong action on all sources of oil and gas waste and pollution and helping create a level playing field for energy development. read more →
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    Responding to Tipton

    Dear Editor: I wonder if Rep. Tipton has noticed that the majority of the terrorist attacks in this country since 9/11 have been perpetrated by American citizens? Muslims, yes, but not immigrants. Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston, nobody from overseas involved. They were radicalized through social media. How is securing our borders going to stop them? read more →
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    The Trump gap

    Dear Editor: Kellyanne Conway, Trumps hypnotic surrogate, was asked if, now that Trump will be our president, will his tweets become more factual. Kellyanne answered that, “to Trump’s supporters there are no facts. What Trump says is a fact. What the media says is a lie.” read more →
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    Purple Haze Retirement Homers remember Bundy

    He was the stuff of nightmares if you were a young woman, back in the day. A crocodile id concealed by the comfortable face of a guy who looked like the picture of the guy who was “Salesman of the Month” at a moderately successful automobile dealership, where you almost bought a car. read more →
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    Resolutions in 2017: keep with climate change fight

    New Year’s resolutions can be traced back to the Babylonians, according to Wikipedia. My resolution is to put more effort into putting a dent in climate change and global warming. And so, I’m starting 2017 by writing this column. read more →
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    Trustees get serious about addressing infrastructure

    Carbondale’s town government is quietly wrestling with questions about how to come up with what may be tens of millions of dollars worth of replacement and repairs to the town's aging infrastructure, meaning buried utility pipes and streets in this context. read more →
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    Potter an Aspen Glen one-of-a-kind

    When folks think of Aspen Glen, south of Carbondale, they usually think of big houses, a beautiful golf course, two miles of the Roaring Fork River running through it, and guarded gates that keep gawkers from meandering through on Sunday afternoon drives. Folks usually don’t think of Aspen Glen as being home to a professional potter who creates hundreds of pots, vases and other ceramic works-of-art in a studio attached to his home. read more →
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    Ice rinks open in advance of Family Skate Night

    Both Carbondale ice rinks (at 4th and Main Streets downtown, and the Gus Darien Riding Arena on Catherine Store road east of town) were up and operating last week, reported Town Manager Jay Harrington in his Dec. 30 memo to the Board of Trustees, town employees and other recipients. read more →
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    ‘Voices’ brings creative story-telling to middle schoolers

    It is not uncommon to worry about youth habits today. If kids are glued to screens and cell phones, are they losing the simple ability to tell a compelling story from start to finish? As importantly, can they write it down? Ask Liz Hazle’s fifth grade language arts class. read more →
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    Lynn Burton: Colorado adventure turns out well

    Departing Sopris Sun editor Lynn Burton has seen a lot of change in the journalism landscape in almost four decades working for an array of local dailies and weeklies. “A lot of reporters and photographers have come and gone. I was really fortunate a lot of times, with the economic ups and downs and papers opening and closing and coming under new ownership, to somehow or other hang on,” he said. “I’m a pretty good photographer for a writer, and I’m a pretty good writer for a photographer. I think what really kept me in the newspaper game in the Roaring Fork Valley is that I’m able to do both.” read more →